Discussion: Philadelphia 76ers Knock Kasich For His Low Poll Numbers

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When will people learn? Interns should not have access to your Twitter feed.


Hey, they are skilled labor and can have an opinion. Kaisch would rather listen to the owners rather than employees, but hey, enough of them are in the one percent.


Another example of a ® attempting humor.
I really can’t recall when one said something funny-- intending it to be funny.

Besides it’s NBA preseason.
Even if the Sixers hadn’t won a single game–
Kasich’s one-liner just don’t zing.




Ready for that PA primary, huh John?


NBA players’ salary is not based on their skills. Instead, it is based on their talent. Skills can be taught. Talent is God given. Therefore, his analogy has the wrong basis to begin with.

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That was one of the surreal things about the NFL owners vs players compensation debacle from a few years ago; right wing slobs from all walks of life siding with billionaires (owners) vs mere millionaires (players). I don’t think there’s a single instance of big guy vs little guy where conservatives don’t side with the either the aggressor or bully.


So, I can understand two governors getting into their little tete-a-tete if their home teams are playing against each other, but why the hell would a pol campaigning for a national office make some snide remark to alienate a good portion of a state?

Probably an example of how he governs.


Kasich is one weird dude - he is like some guy thrashing around in the water - you think he is drowning … but no, that is just how he swims…


They also have a labor union so they get paid a good wage for those skills.

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I BET they have THE numbers… The only number that the NRA cares about is their PROFIT LINE. How does that work? I see it this way, the NRA uses their profits to brainwash by FEARMONERING people to believe that their 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy, WHICH IS A LIE. IT’S not hard to turn a profit after creating a culture of FEAR. The question is when will those who are FEARFUL standup and be BRAVE enough to tell the NRA to go get a JOB? O, but then we realized THEY already have a JOB, tuning a PROFIT from the FEAR THEY CREATED…keeping in the LOOP. How creative.

Kasich: Clueless in New Hampshire…

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No, this is Kasich being Kasich. He can’t make a speech without putting down someone else. It would be one thing if it was another politician, but he always goes outside of that box. He thinks it shows that he can relate to everyday people and situations. Instead, it makes him look like an asshole.

Columbus here, I second that “Yep!”