Discussion: Peter King On GOP's Iran Letter: 'Yeah, I Wouldn't Have Done It'

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Peter King (R-IRA) says what?

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That’s nice Peter…but the propaganda arm of you party is busy trying to re-sell the entire debacle as Obama attempting to “oust” Bibi, as if he’s the one interfering with Israeli politics, not vice versa…


Yup, no problem with…wait for it…the…da, da, daaaa…content. Wait, wait, is that a killer I don’t care about tripping himself up and requiring nearly balls to the wall cable coverage as the Iran talks near completion and the traitor letter grows in anti GOP relevance? Your secret, SCOTUS-approved billionaire distraction dollars at work…

“The IRA would have told me not to.”


Because Peter is only interested in the Muslims under your bed.

…so let me see if I got this right, Rep. King would not have signed the letter but he wants it to be clear that he is just as misguided as the 47 traitors that did sign it.

We got it Rep. King. You just want it to be clear that you are just as crazy as the other Rep. King.

Well done.


word salad

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“Yeah, I wouldn’t have done it,”

King had previously said he was unsure if he would have signed the letter.

because hindsight.

Is this one of the ‘arrogant crackers’ Erick Son of Erick was talking about?

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I don’t know how Peter King (Irish REPUBLICAN Army) finds the time to comment.


So he agrees that somehow the Senate (which he is not a member of) can unilaterally renege on dispute result ions under the already signed (in 1968) Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons…?

I really think the GOP needs to go back and take a basic civics course.

Bold stand.

He had no comment at first. So if the letter turned out to be a political success, “it’s exactly what I would have wrote”. But it now looks bad, so “I wouldn’t have done it”.

If you did not take an initial stand on this, you are just a clown. At least Cotton is CONSISTENT on his idiocy.

No one likes a backstabbing prick, Petey Boy.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have done it”

But he’s content to keep working for the political party that did.

What, we’re all supposed to just shrug it off and see what zany things crazy Republicans do next time? Why are people excused for treason just because they pay dues to the political party in power?