Discussion: Pete Buttigieg Says He Topped $7M In First Quarter Of Presidential Campaign

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But he’s broken from the pack — at least for now — and the fundraising numbers indicate he may have some staying power in the crowded field.



He seems to be able to avoid major (and minor) errors in his campaign, he will probably do very well in the debates, and a broad swath of the public likes him when they hear him. This will be an interesting campaign season.


This is going to be interesting to watch because this guy is just obviously gifted in every way you could ask. It blazes forth in everything–his voice, the way he carries himself, his poise. And one of those gifts is being intellectually as gifted as he is and coming off as a regular, down to earth person.


The dude is impressive.


Respectfully disagree.

Whether it’s his Clinton remarks or the stories that are coming out now (there are two of em) about his mayoral tenure, it’s going to be interesting to see how he responds to either in June.

Neither is a huge (hedging) landmine, but the Clinton comments and his remark about how Trump shouldn’t have been the solitary focus in '16, could give him some ‘moments’ in June.

Whether they’re strong enough to derail him remains to be seen.


@castor_troy, I think I found the real paid advert for Buttigieg :grinning:

I like Pete a lot, but I think Matt may have me beat


His Clinton remarks strike me as true — can he get away with saying true things? — and to have served two terms as a very popular mayor in a once-moribund Midwestern cry without some controversial issue arising would be akin to walking on water. Better to have hung out in a minority-party Cingressional delegation?


Even the announcement was smart. There will be others that top him in fundraising, but getting out of the gate first helps him get positive press on the same day that Bernie will announce a number probably triple his. Savvy.


Pete has already responded to that criticism - https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/31/politics/pete-buttigieg-hillary-clinton-2016-strategy/index.html

“Just to make this clear, I think America would be a much better place if she were President,” Buttigieg said. “That’s why I voted for her and that’s why I campaigned for her, and I have enormous respect for Secretary Clinton.”


He’s the best of the ‘moderate’ crowd, that’s for sure. Not certain that he’s in tune with the base, though, to the extent that they perceive him to be another naive postpartisan Dem dude appealing to nonexistent Republican good faith. I’m fine with the conciliatory rhetoric just so long as he absolutely drives through core Democratic policies once in office. That’s the whole point of a bipartisan stance: to persuade the other side to accept your policies, not vice versa.


Which remark was true? Reminder, he said that Trump shouldn’t have been a general focus in '16.

What are the South Bend stories? I hadn’t heard anything negative about his work as mayor. As for the Clinton remarks, a lot of people have said that Clinton made a major mistake focusing on attacking Trump rather than putting forward a more positive message. In fact, that’s become pretty much the conventional wisdom.

Buttigieg was not on my radar screen (although his late father was a colleague of my husband’s in the International Gramsci Society) until I saw him on Morning Joe, and I was bowled over. I liked the way he talked about the nitty-gritty issues he deals with as mayor of South Bend. He came across as a person with reasonably deep executive and policy experience and very down to earth.


At least on line, praise for his tenure as mayor from residents far outweighs anything negative that I’ve seen. And would it be possible for anyone to serve as mayor of a city for almost eight years without a few gripes? He openly admits in his book that there were a couple of missteps.


As opposed to getting away with lying constantly like Spanky
He said it on Maher Friday night as Bill ticked off his major points.
“I’m everything Donald Trump isn’t”

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This dude is getting the most favorable and fawning press cover ever it seems. I can’t tell whether he’s running for President or campaigning to be a highly paid CNN analyst.


It’s a ‘take ya pick’



The Tidmarsh tweet is being seen as a Sanders inspired hit piece.

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Thank you for that.

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Well, he’s white, non threatening, and doesn’t have known baggage. That’s all it takes! I like him, but he’s definitely benefiting from white privilege in the media. Ditto for the other B’s.

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I’d actually liked Buttigieg until…he blamed Democrats (particularly Hillary) for Donald Trump, while praising Donald Trump for “pointing out” the foundational dry rot of our democracy.

“Pointing out” and “inadvertently revealing through his very existence” are NOT the same fucking things.

Furthermore, I’m tired of that fucking bullshit that some libs (like Bill Maher) launch into: It’s Hillary’s fault, It’s Obama’s fault, it’s the DNC’s fault, it’s Democrat’s fault. Bull fucking shit, yo. DEMOCRATS didn’t run a racist clown in the primaries, then vote for him in the primaries, then again in the general fucking elections. REPUBLICANS are responsible for Trump.

But here’s the most damning thing about “Mayor Pete” for me: he wrote his thesis on Graham Greene’s The Quiet American yet he doesn’t seem to actually understand the book AT ALL! What he seems to have taken from it is that good intentions somehow absolves you of bad deeds.

I think he even, alarmingly, identifies with Alden Pyle.

No thanks, Pete. We already had that in GW Bush.

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