Discussion: Perry Clarifies On Bundy's Slavery Remarks: 'Reprehensible'

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Well, Niggerhead Ranch is different than Bundy’s Ranch?


From the same Cretin that frequented “NiggerHead”…they’re a Special kind of Stupid in Texas…Alberto Gonzales, Louie Gomert, Karl Rove, Ted Cruz, the little man GW Bush and on and on…

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You aptly beat me to it! I mean the hypocrisy of it blows the mind.

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What a stupid man. I cant believe my state elected this buffoon twice…but then again we gave America Bush and Gomer Gohmert.

Rick Perry, just another plantation advocate, displaying his feigned ignorance that Bundy is an avowed FLDS racist scofflaw.

I hate to cut Perry any slack. I noticed it was “his office” not the great Governor himself, who called Bundy’s comments reprehensible. I doubt if Perry could either spell or know the meaning of “reprehensible.” In any case, he hid behind his staff. Check out what Karen Finney says on this idea tonight on Chris Hayes’s program.

Huh? Oh, that slavery.

Governor Rick (I only hunt at a place called Niggerhead Mountain) Perry calls Bundy’s remarks reprehensible??? How nice!!!