Discussion: People Magazine Publishes Numbers Of Every Member of Congress, Urges Readers To Call Re Gun Violence

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Looks like I might have to subscribe to give them my support…


People isn’t on my regular reading list - but kudos to them. It gives me a small amount of hope that there may be a saturation point beyond which Americans won’t accept this kind of violence as “stuff happens.”


Incoming with the predictable conservative boycott, while they screech when anyone else (see: gay rights activists) boycott conservatives.


This is great! People magazine is in almost every business where there is a waiting area, such as dentists, doctors, chiropractors, even accountants, banks, and similar businesses.

I’d like to see Time follow suit, as well as Newsweek.


Uh oh, they are going to be swarmed by the gun humpers!

Perhaps the tide is finally turning.

And, with any luck, they will pass a special resolution allowing Wayne LaPierre to finally be (hot) tarred and feathered.

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