Discussion: Pentagon: Military Commanders Allowed To Shoot Down Drones Over US Bases

What could possibly go wrong?

Honestly I can’t find anything to complain about with respect to this. It seems pretty obvious that if you’re flying your drone over a military base you don’t have much to complain about if it gets shot down.

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What concerns me is that this kind of thing gets adopted without any apparent discussion or even public notice. Mostly it’s a perfectly reasonable thing, but the devil is in the details (which we still don’t know). What military-owned lands are considered bases (there’s a lot of government land, especially in the west, that’s reserved for the military), what weapons can be used to shoot at drones and what precautions will be taken to avoid collateral damage on property adjoining bases and so forth. I foresee some interesting cases the next time there’s a drone covering a protest at the gates of some military installation or other.