Discussion: Pentagon: Benghazi Suspect In Us Custody

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This is gonna put a serious crimp in the republican’s committee, isn’t it?

So…Obamacare is gone from the campaign trail. Now Benghazi is going to have to be removed, too.

I guess its down to running strong on supporting the drowning of cute kittens.

Don’t tell me. In his pocket was an address book with Darell Issa’s phone number.

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Oh sure! They are only saying that to distract us from Hitlery’s cackles and, um, Solyndra!!!

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I expect the GOP to insist on this dude explaining why they did it.

Oh wait no I don’t.

Why don’t you CARE! about Fastnfurious and IRS, ya fucking UNpatriot?


Wingers haz a sad today, though. Back to the IRS!!!

Sigh. I wish that were so, but the last 5 years have shown me that’s not going to happen. The GOP always has backup plans and accusations for whater Pres. Obama does. Look how they did a switch on supporting Bergdahl’s return, calling for Obama to do something. When he successfully did so, they turned to smearing the family and trashing Obama for doing something they’d been demanding he do!

I suspect the immediate reaction from the right will be to accuse Obama of using Benghazi to distract from…Benghazi.


A crime was committed by criminals. The President said the perps would be captured and he was true to his word (they will get the others too, in due course). Remind me again where the scandal is? Someone may or may not have spun on Sunday talk shows, whose sole purpose is for various parties to spin. Is that all you got?


Right on cue, Republican Joe Walsh’s paranoid mind tweets out a “conspiracy” theory already: “Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom
Glad we nabbed a #Benghazi suspect, but the timing is questionable. Did they let him wander, waiting for the perfect political opportunity?”

Can you imagine? These tea nuts will never be happy for anything as long as there’s an Obama or a Dem in the White House.


A new GØP and Fox Spews hero?

Will they call him - with full immunity - to testify before The Congress to convict Obama and Hillary on the “Great Benghazi Conspiracy of 2012 to kill four Americans”?

Let me take a wild guess. The Republicans will find a way to be pissed about this.

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Clearly this is just a distraction from Benghazi.


And to blame their anger on Obama for not giving Congress 30 days advance notice!

"I suspect the immediate reaction from the right will be to accuse Obama of using Benghazi to distract from…Benghazi. "

Damn you – you stole my line!


I think the GOP will claim this is a distraction to distract from Iraq.

Does that make any sense? No.

Which is why I"m sure they’ll claim it.



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Yeah…I see on twitter that is already happening. But that is mostly talk amongst republicans to make themselves feel better about themselves.

As far as the general public, and particularly for the Benghazi hearings to be the savior for their electoral hopes, I have a feeling that ship just sailed.

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I hope you’re right; I truly do.