Discussion: Pennsylvania Won't Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Case

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Thank you for making a wise and humane choice, Governor Corbett. Even if it goes against your personal convictions, it is wise to realize that the appeal would have little chance of success, cost the taxpayers money that could be better spent elsewhere, and drag out the suffering for the couples who just want to marry.

Tom Corbett says: I’m getting fired anyway, so fuck you, Pennsyltucky.


Personal beliefs and the protections afforded by the Constitution can be two quite different things. And that’s why the appeal has no chance to succeed.


Corbett currently has approval ratings in the low 30s and a disapproval rating of 58%.

He’s not doing this out of the kindness of his heart----which is small, shriveled and hard as stone.

He’s doing this in the vain hope that it will somehow magically make him re-electable in November.

He could not be more wrong about that.


People sometimes do the right thing for the wrong reasons, but I am willing to accept the outcome nonetheless.

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Frothy Rick has a sad.

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Governor Corbett Not Appealing. Correct in so many ways


I doubt he cares about any of that. I imagine what he realizes is that an appeal would be detrimental to his chances of re-election.

Oh, I’ll accept the outcome. Just don’t ask me to praise him for it.

Hmmm, and it does occur to me that he may have more devious motives for not appealing the decision. Decisions at the District Court level do not set precedent for other case, I don’t believe. I the case is decided at the Appeals Court level, that sets a precedent that applies throughout the entire Circuit. He’s not willing to risk doing that. That’s exactly the strategy the Reagan Administration used when they were willy-nilly cancelling disability benefits. If the case was taken to court and they lost, they did not appeal it, thus leaving it to people who could ill-afford going to court to fight it out case-by-case.

“…Pennsylvania is the last northeastern U.S. state to legalize gay marriage…”

But we know you’re trying. We love ya, PA!

While far be it from me to deny the likelihood that any Republiscum might have devious and illegitimate motives, I suspect that the stated reason why Corbett has decided not to appeal is likely to be the actual one.

  1. It IS pretty clear that he would lose and attempting to appeal WOULD be expensive and a decision made only by himself.

  2. He would be risking having any appeal shot down right near Election Day, which would not improve his sorry chances, either.

Except out of politeness, there’s nothing for him to be thanked for. But WHATEVER. It costs nothing to be gracious as opposed to saying, “Drown in a pool of santorum.”

Pennsylvania is the only state in the Third District that did not already have marriage equality, so an order from/by District judges would have made no difference.

You couldn’t be more correct! Tommy Boy is trying so hard to tack to the center, I’m afraid…not sorry mind you… he’ll trip and hurt himself.

Informal polls…not scientific…on Philly.com have Wolf beating Corbett right now, by over 30 points. I know it won’t hold that high forever, but it makes my heart feel good for right now.

The political pundits are already trying to make this race closer so they will have something to talk about. They tend to forget all the folks Corbett has screwed over who will NOT forget come November. And trust me, they are in the thousands!