Discussion: Pence To Replace Chief Of Staff With Senior Campaign Adviser

“Didn’t hate Muslims enough.”

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Erm, neither of these guys read like chief of staff material. One spent the past decade working for a backbencher and the other is a PAC lackey.

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But they were able to give the Loyalty Oath to Trump. Isn’t that enough??


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Why would anyone sane jump on a sinking ship?

Never mind, I answered my own question.


How normal is it for a executive at a PAC to go into a role for an elected politician? I know there are rules from people/employees leaving politics then going into lobbying, but not the other way around. Is this a way that the GOP is doing a workaround of the normal rules?

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Nick Ayers:

He serves on the Board of Directors (and is currently Board Secretary) of Leading the Way, an international Christian ministry, headed by Dr. Michael Youssef

In the wake of New York passing a gay marriage bill last Friday, there are many voices crying out.

Some in the secular world—and even in the church—are celebrating. Others, like Dr. Michael Youssef, are weeping.

"Now we come to a time where we are removing the boundaries of our forefathers and as we remove these boundaries we are removing ourselves from the hand of God’s blessing and protection.

***It is very disturbing to see the greatest nation leading the world in this abomination.*** It is very, very sad. This is a group of Republicans that made this happen. This is not a Republican-Democrat issue anymore. It is a moral issue. ***Those who love the Scripture and God’s ideal for our society must be very repulsed*** and speak against it. We need to examine every candidate for office from now on—to check not how he is going to help the economy, but how he is going to uphold God’s moral standard."


***Pence and Ayers are kindred spirits.***
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Decent hires cannot make it through the WH vetting office because loyalty past and present is a must. Tillerson blew up last week about being hamstrung by the loyalty demands. No one in their right mind towed the Drumpf line in the past, where these guys go to check.

I think Pence is starting to get influence by Donnie. When all else fails, start replacing people and hope for the best

Are we there yet, doG? I mean you smote Job with boils and poverty and adverse living conditions… what did that poor guy do to deserve that kind of treatment…and these assholes are doing to the least of their brethren and sistern and they’re struttin’ their stuff over their bodies!

@aiddon I bet promised him Rinse Preibus’ job…

So the head of the PAC that bought ads against a sitting member of their own party - which supposedly infuriated McConnell - changes jobs inside a week. Does that mean that a white house role is a demotion?

It’s easier to keep your eye on a snake if you provide the cage.

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IOW, yet another closet gay male waving his homophobe credentials.

Wonder why he’s really leaving. Perhaps he figured out Pence won’t be replacing BLOTUS because of his own issues in that matter and off to find better pastures to sling his religious shit.

Oh Mikey…DO lecture us on ethics, values and Christian beliefs ONE MORE TIME. You hide behind your wife and your Bible while knifing people in the heart. What a damn fraud.

Found out he was gay?

Actually there are rules about lobbyists coming to work for any agency they’ve lobbied but like all things tRump, that was watered down to the point of being non-existent. I would think someone working for a PAC to elect tRump/Pence could and should fit in that category, but who knows.

tRump and his posse of criminal collaborators don’t bother to follow any ethic rules anyway, and sadly, no one seems to have the gumption to make them to this point.

Thanks for the input. I have not read all of it yet.

I wonder if any American would have standing to bring a lawsuit forward? I mean I care about our democracy, I was born here to American parents. I believe the law is important, and in many ways this is clearly something that any American citizen could/should be concerned about.

As an aside, I think the Dem’s really need to bring out the word COWARD. I mean if Trump is all about winning and showing strength why does he have ethics rules that are so weak and cowardly? Can his executive branch not run by the same rules that have governed other POTUS’s? Trump is all about NDAs, which are overly broad, so that even a crap lawyer could use it against his employees, why so weak?

“a … campaign adviser who has been helping lead a pro-Trump group.”


keen intellect and integrity.

These two conditions are mutually exclusive.