Discussion: Pence National Security Pick Withdraws After POTUS Hears Of Anti-Trump Ad Ties

Ah. He failed the “purity” test.


Wonder if they’ll have to send FEMA in for this cleanup? Or the NRC?

‘Someone should say a prayer’ for Trump’s aides

The president has decamped to Mar-a-Lago, where he’ll have plenty of time to dwell on a barrage of negative headlines.

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It’s a good thing they have ten top-quality people lined up for every position… they’ll get through most of them by Christmas (or Trumpmas as it may be by then.)


As president, Trump has bristled at Republicans who opposed him during the GOP primaries and pushed back against the hiring of foreign policy experts who were critical of him during his Republican campaign.

Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet: Team of Rivals
Chiselin’ Trump’s Cabinet: Team of Toadies


I’m sure the GOP’s eyes are glistening with lust for Pence. But let’s all take the time in the coming years to write to the media outlet of our choice to remind them the Pence is as dirty as the rest of them for aiding and abetting a traitor.

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Top people. The very best. Bigly.

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Loyalty is the only employment criterion, and that loyalty has to have been consistently demonstrated regardless of historical context.

He’s truly crazy!


Pence has been playing a larger foreign policy role in recent months. He filled in for Trump last weekend at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, to allow the president to manage the administration’s response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria the sh1t show we now call a presidency, and has traveled in recent months to the Middle East and to Afghanistan in support of Trump.


Or is Peru and Afghanistan one of the “sh1t hole” countries Trump doesn’t want to visit and he’s already been to the middle east so Toddler Trump doesn’t need the sticker for that one.


Such a tiny, tiny, little man.

Pathetic. Sad, really.

We need the collective weight of actions and statements like this to break down the decent peeps who support Trump because, whatever. Because he’s “the President” and deserving of our respect attitude, even tho he deserves absolutely no respect whatsoever.


The larger question is why a Vice-President needs a national security adviser. Is this essential to carrying out his Constitutional duties, which consist primarily of bench-warming?

I don’t know a thing about this guy, but it’s probably safe to assume that he’s at least basically competent. Which means he doesn’t belong anywhere donnie’s maladministration, of course.