Discussion: Pence Defends AG Attacks : You ‘Always Know Where You Stand’ With Trump

One of the things that made Stalin perhaps even worse than Hitler was that you did not know where you stood with him. He might clap you on the back and smile and then, as soon as you left the room, sign your death warrant. With Hitler, at least you knew where you stood. But that wasn’t much of a recommendation.


Under the bus.


Pence doesn’t know that Karma is spend T-R-U-M-P.
There’s no way Trump can resist this bait. How long before he starts attacking Pence on Twitter? One week?


Wonder if Mikey will still think it’s great when Drumpfie turns on him. As he will. Once he’s “cleaned out all the traitors” and then nothing is still working, Drumpfie’s gonna start looking around to see who’s left. All people have got to do is pine loudly and frequently for “President Pence” and Drumpfie will turn on him like a piranha.

If Mikey doesn’t think this will happen, he really is as dumb as we all believe/know him to be.


Failed Indiana governor and former unhinged right wing talk show host says what?


Mike Pence, your rot is showing!

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Lap Dog! I see a big Lap Dog!


I’d love to see Trump’s final moment, when Satan welcomes him to hell!

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Too true.

Waist deep in a fever swamp of incompetence and corruption.


On the lighter side, from today’s WaPo

At Charles Manson’s parole hearing they offered him a deal if he would co-author this testimonial. He elected to go back to his cell.

The Onion. Saddest place on earth.


@the_mask there’s nothing beyond the end for Dense. As for you, maybe a small post-modern home in afterlife Buckhead :wink:

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Daddy is not okay, Mike. Daddy is sick and cannot change. That’s why we had to call the police.


You always know where you stand with a room full of 4 year old kids, too. Doesn’t make their innocent yet cutting candor any more appealing.

“Gee Miss Amy, how come you don’t shave like my Daddy?”


Pence, too, will eventually get sent to the cornfield.


Know where you stand? LOL. There’s not been a more mercurial, disloyal flip-flopper in the history of politics than Donald Trump.

Trump has said that Americans would get universal healthcare under him, that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security would be strengthened, that he would/wouldn’t/will “Lock Her Up,”, that he was for the Iraq War before he was against it, that he liked/disliked/hated/loved Paul Ryan. He supported the Clintons and invited them to his wedding. He stood 100 percent behind Michael Flynn, fired him and then seemed to indicate he wanted him back. He lambasted Comey, praised Comey, expressed loyalty to Comey, and then fired Comey.

And Sessions: WTF? Sessions exactly doesn’t know where he stands; aside from the fact that the the AG is a perjuring old klanner, that’s the problem.

Amid all the bombastic prevarications of Trump, Mooch, Price, Mulvaney, Pruitt, let’s not forget that Michael Pence is the most profoundly dishonest POS in the entire Trump-Pence administration. Because he does it with a soft and slippery demeanor that pretends he has credibility.


Math & social studies weren’t in the Good Book so Dense flunks those subjects.

The equation is

Candor minus honesty and coherency equals Trump

I’ve been worried that they’ll go out of business. Nothing they think up can be any more bizarre than the real headlines.

Andy Borowski over at New Yorker too. His (used-to-be) hilarious headlines used to be immediately a laugh – now you have to parse them (and make sure it’s really from him) to determine that they’re meant to be humor.


I don’t know which branch of Christianity condones this sort of behavior, but I’m sure Pence knows because he’s a “Christian first”.

I was thinking more like an a$$hole first, a moron second, and a toady third.