Discussion: Pence Backs Up Trump: Putin Is A 'Stronger Leader' Than Obama

What he is really saying of course is "“I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country simply because Putin is not black.”

Pence and the GOP also know the media will simply play his actual quote with no push back at all since it gives the media another opportunity to denigrate the President.


So, here’s a question:

When asked about Colin Kaepernick’s not putting his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner, Trump said the following:

I think it’s personally not a good thing, I think it’s a terrible thing. And, you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him.

When that same Donald Trump says that Putin’s a stronger leader than Obama, and as proof he cites Putin’s approval ratings, ignoring the killing of journalists and artists and the jailing of gays, with the exception of Lindsey Graham the Republican Party accepts these statements with a shrug.

On the contrary, maybe Trump should run for President of Russia if that country works better for him.


Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?
In the 50’s they would have been under investigation as communist sympathizers
Even in current times imagine for one minute any Democrat praising a foreign dictator and deriding a Republican President There would be congressional investigations and accusations of treason.

I give up . I can’t take it any more


I won’t speak of the Putin-Obama comparison, it’s absurd. I will say that years ago I helped a friend take home a Christmas tree from an open-air Boy Scout tree-sale operation. There was a kid running it, maybe 11, smart and poised, just the world’s most together kid. I figured he was destined for some good leadership-type stuff. And that kid at that age was a billion times the leader weasel-ass Mike Pence is. Crawling, sacrificing every trace of honor or integrity or patriotism a person could ever possess, just for a near-infinitesimal shot at a bit more political notoriety. Fucking disgraceful.


Their dishonor routinely goes far beyond a person’s capacity to feel enough disgust for them. It’s exhausting.


I wonder who is stronger: Putin or Hitler?


What exactly is so strong about this?


“Mr. Trump, can you please rate FDR vs. Stalin?
Pol Pot vs. that weakling Jimmy Carter?
Isn’t it obvious that Mao was a stronger leader than Eisenhower?”


White Bread Dence. What a cute little lap dog.


Russian strength?

Russia has the 14th largest GDP in the world, and they are going to be outpaced by the 15th largest GDP in the world within 3 years. Who is #15? That would be Mexico of course.

14 Russia 1,132,740
15 Mexico 1,082,430


Ya know who was a strong leader? Hitler. And Stalin (Vlad’s hero, I’m sure). And Mao. Also Franco and, although on a smaller scale, Qaddafi. Yep, all strong leaders.


A very strong push back on CBS this morning.

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White Bread Dence just wishes there was room for him on that horse. He’d have to sit side-saddle, though.


I think Trump quoted an 82% approval rating by Russian polls the same day Russia eliminated the only independent polling company calling it a foreign agent or some such nonsense.

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I think Indiana shaded a little less red just now. I wonder how close to blue they’ll get?

The GOP candidate and Pence praise Putin because they like the authoritarian manner in which he governs and they like the way he suppresses the media. This is revealing – and frightening.


Mike Pence is an intolerant hateful christian. He tried to provide special treatment to people of his religion while governor and subvert the constitution. He is a vile, corrupt and despicable fundamentalist. It is no surprise that he wants to fire the generals, torture and pillage.


So, I guess the Russian-Takeover of the Republican Party is now complete.
They LOVE Putin, and HATE America.
They say our military is stupid, weak, and incompetent, our politicians are cowards and fools, our President is a “Weak Failure” (I guess because he does not kill/imprison journalists who write mildly critical things about him) and America is a Hell-Hole of roving gangs of murdering Blacks, ravening hordes of “Job-Stealing” Mexicans, and Subversive Muslim Terrorists imposing Sharia Law on brave, oppressed White Christian Americans.
All Soviet-era propaganda, coming out of the mouths of supposed “Conservative American Republicans”.
It is “Red Dawn” writ large in the addled minds of morons and idiots being played as rubes by the Grifters who have taken over the Republican Party (fully funded by the Russian Intelligence Service.)
I guess the old Marxist saying was correct; “A true Capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with, and give you a volume discount if you hang all his friends too.”
Weep for America.


Other leaders who were stronger than Obama:
Pol Pot
and of course
George III (we really loved him)

Yeah that’s what this country needs.