Discussion: Pelosi: I Hope Romney Is The 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee

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The biggest obstacle to Rmoney’s "third time’s a charm, like Nixon!: campaign isn’t the Bishop, but the GOTP’s lack of imagination lol.

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That’s nasty !

Word is Mittens will bring his “religion” front and center to a third campaign because it’s what makes him what he is, whatever that might be on any given day. Then we can talk about his lack of christianity to the women he counseled as bishop who sought help with abortions.

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I love it when she taunts GOPs. She’s very good at it. “Amateur hour”. LOL!

Great, that’s all we need. Didn’t Joseph Smith run for President on a platform of turning the US into a theocracy?

The folks at Sundance ordered extra security for their screening of the movie about Scientology. In the 1800’s people felt about Mormonism the way most people feel about Scientology today.

The Joseph Smith story did not end well. But here’s the story on Mittens if you’re interested.

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Nancy hoping for Romney to be the Republican contender ensures the brain dead right will be against him.

It’s how they roll.

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Mr. Whiteley remembers being with Mr. Romney after the 2012 election, when someone approached him to talk about Hurricane Sandy, which some believe helped Mr. Obama hold the White House.

Hurricane Sandy, the person said, was an act of God, and how did Mr. Romney reconcile that with his loss? Did God not want him to win? Recalling Mr. Romney’s response, Mr. Whiteley said, “He sort of takes the tack that there’s this master clock builder and he lets things go in motion, and we have our agency — and he loves Barack Obama as much as he loves me, and he loves Democrats as much as he loves Republicans.”

He has a funny way of showing his love. Paternalism his heavy burden for its subordinates.

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I want to see him nominated as well. NO ONe has EVER lose the Presidency and then come back towin in the following election cycle since 1860 (the birth of the GOP).

What makes ROmney think he could acomplish the feat?

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Mormon prophecy.