Discussion: Pelosi Dismisses Notion Of Dem Division: 'They Know We Have To Hold The Center'

Y’know . . . .?

I’m wondering why, rather than ask yet again the Dems-in-disarray questions, these people don’t instead ask some Republicans why there’s not more disarray in their caucus as their president says and does things that would give them the howling fantods if a Democratic president were to say and do those things. Even Dems would voice their disagreements with Obama, and on the record at that.

Silence is complicity. But no one seems interested in examining that.


Pelosi has been reading her Sun Tzu:

Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy’s purpose. (Ts`ao Kung says: “Feign stupidity”—by an appearance of yielding and falling in with the enemy’s wishes. Chang Yu’s note makes the meaning clear: “If the enemy shows an inclination to advance, lure him on to do so; if he is anxious to retreat, delay on purpose that he may carry out his intention.” The object is to make him remiss and contemptuous before we deliver our attack).

By persistently hanging on the enemy’s flank,
(I understand the first four words to mean “accompanying the enemy in one direction.” Ts`ao Kung says: “unite the soldiers and make for the enemy.”) we shall succeed in the long run in killing the commander-in-chief. (Always a great point with the Chinese.)

This is called ability to accomplish a thing by sheer cunning.


Her “holding the center” has kept the Democrats in the minority for most of her career, and she lets the Republicans control the definition of the “center.” The only two times the Democrats have won the majority back under Pelosi have been when voters were sick of Republicans, not because anything the House Democrats have done.

But there you have her: Nancy Pelosi, Queen of the Donor Class, in her full glory.

She only cares about ensuring a stream of campaign contributions bribes from her oligarch friends so she can payoff her tired old incumbents for their votes. She does not care about delivering healthcare for all Americans or seriously addressing global warming. She only ridicules and dismisses those who do.

Her recent actions to block primaries challengers to incumbents is Exhibit 1 of her disdain for voters and democracy.

She wants to block any threats to her money and personal power. That’s all she cares about. She nakedly does not care about what the majority of Democratic voters want.

Follow the money.


‘hold the cebter’, ‘go down the mainstream’.

Says a member of the Pig Rich.

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I don’t disagree that we hold the center, I just disagree on the definition. The policies of those “like five people” are the popular policies with the majority of Americans. I think that would be a good way to define the center, the majority of Americans.There are a ton of studies/polls that show the policies of the left are the most popular policies in the country, Minimum Wage, Taxing the Rich, Medicare for all…are all more popular that anything the Republicans put out.


You’re absolutely right but you’re also assuming the ‘center’ is the 50 yard line. It’s not. That’s the ruse.

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“Dems in disarray,” “herding cats”, “girl fight”, etc. fills Fox News for the evening and makes Republicans ignore that they are being dragged onto unfamiliar ground. Look how pathetic the GOP House candidates sounded in the last cycle claiming they had always stood for protecting health insurance for people with preexisting conditions. Even the Wal-Mart crowd knew that didn’t pass the smell test. Now they have to explain to Greta Thunberg why they still want to kill her. Trump has allowed GOP men to feel free to openly express their hostile sexism, another total winner at the polls. The more the Republicans think they are free to delude themselves, the more they overreach and the more hollow their rhetoric becomes.


Where is that center? It certainly is not in the sixties.

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Elijah Cummings and Nancy Pelosi are not the enemy. Yet even now, after an unqualified scumbag like Donald Trump has been elected by FOX, the GOP and their foreign allies, and Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will be deciding in the GOP’s favor long after many of us are dead, here we are, pooh-poohing the Center. Calling Pelosi a bribe taker and representative of the Donor Class.


There is no doubt whatsoever that Pelosi dissed AOC’s victory over Crowley. Pelosi made a clear effort to downplay the win as a “one off” and not indicative of a “trend”. When I called her office right after the election, Pelosi’s staff were insufferable assholes who refused to even address her clear effort to disparage AOC. There is a MASSIVE rift in the party, and there should be. Pelosi doesn’t support Medicare For All, nor is she willing to even consider impeaching Trump. When asked by a major news org why it was that she oversaw the loss of about 63 seats in Congress, her only comeback was that she raises a lot of money for the party…that was it…raises money. She’s entirely controlled by donors and their whims. Just watch as the Democrats figure out a way to keep Trump in office for another 4 years.


I know I’m going to regret this, but do you think Democrats would win bigly if the party as a whole swung in the AOC direction? Do you think FOX is stupid for trying to paint the entire Democratic Party as a bunch of AOC wannabe’s? Personally, I think if that fantasy were to happen, you wouldn’t like how the 2020 election would turn out.

Maybe I’m wrong.


“Dems In Desiree!!!”

Oh, wait. That wasn’t the Dems. That was Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons. I must have gotten my AP, Reuters, and Politico headlines mixed up with next week’s Turner Classic Movies schedule.


Progressives are in the center. Their policy proposals are all supported by a solid majority of Americans. The rest of the Dems are too far right and/or bound to represent the 1 Percent.


I think that the policies of the Green New Deal are winning issues for Democrats. I think the policies of “holding the center” are not.

People know that they are getting screwed and the future looks bleak. They want change and a new deal. In 2016, Trump promised changed and Hillary promised more of the same. MAGA versus “I am with her.” Who won 30 states out of 50?

As Obama showed, messages of hope and change are winners. Just “holding the center” is not.


Well, I’ll just sit over here in the corner and wait for that Susan Serendipity Glorious Revolution to occur. Maybe while I’m waiting I’ll write that bestseller that will make me a millionaire like Bernie Sanders! And then I can finally shout how politically pure I am!


Many, many people don’t vote.

What’s the best explanation you’ve seen or come up with?



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I wonder why the GOP doesn’t have to worry about this sort of thing. There’s no GOP elected official out there saying, “Well, only five of our elected congressmen are reactionary right wing maniacs.” (And it’s not the fact that that would be a lie that stops them from saying it.)


Yeah, why is it we never see POLITICO pieces either dedicated entirely to discussing Republican Party divisions and fracture points (there are many), or substantive articles on other topics dripping with conclusions and innuendo that the Republican Party’s constituencies do not always have the same priorities?


By and large, the Democratic party is left of center, but not as far left as liberals on social media would like to believe.

A far-left candidate would lose to Trump.