Discussion: Pelosi Brushes Off Reports Of Challenges To Her Leadership

Ryan: "The definition of insanity is to do the “same thing over and over again” and expect different results.

Shorter Ryan: We need Tax Cuts.

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…for the rich.

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Not just any rich - not for “single-digit millionaires”, as Peter Thiel put it. He means tax cuts for the crowd dining at ‘21’.

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It is time to dump Pelosi and pick new leadership for Dems.

And just what would you have expected Pelosi to do these past years? IMO she’s been a strong, stable and sensible leader for the House for a long time. She also knows a helluva lot about the House members and the political process in general. We have a lot of … well, putting it kindly, inexperience… in this coming government; let’s not throw out babies with bathwater just becuz you don’t like the results of a campaign that Pelosi didn’t run.


sure…lets just keep going business as usual while the republicans run all over the democrats,wake up !..we need new strong fighters willing to take on EVERY aspect of trump policy…and lead the coming youth(first time voters) into the democratic party…sanders called for new leadership.(.supported removing schultz.)…and we should too.
it is the start towards a new stronger party.

But that’s not sexy and exciting to the anti-establishment.

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I really love Nancy, but it is time for her to retire.

Tim Ryan is an excellent replacement for her if we want to win back Democrats who either did not vote or voted for Trump because he promised to create jobs.

I think the Dems have lost every election following 2008 (except Obama in 2012), when Pelosi was speaker. Her track record as leader of House Dems is poor. However she appears to be a very nice person otherwise.

IIRC the Speaker’s job is not to win elections, other than his/her own. She did her job just dandy, one of the most effective Speakers I’ve seen in my lifetime.