Discussion: Pelosi: Boehner Needs To Tell Rep. Grimm To Resign

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Ridiculous! TwO dead cops. 9/11. BENGazi!1!!1!!!one!1!!!1!!!


But he didn’t broadcast his junk on Twitter, so no problem. IOKIYAR!


Not a chance, Grimm will retire from the house before repugs would even censure him.



No. Quarter.


Gotta love her.


Pigs will sprout wings and fly before republicans will ever ask Grimm to step down. I’m surprised they haven’t put him in charge of the Ethic’s Committee.


Nancy walks the walk. She was also out front in calling for William Jefferson to hightail it out of Congress. It’s obscene for someone like Grimm to actually be paid a salary by taxpayers.


She’s walking and here she’s talking. She represents my district in San Francisco and she’ll have this seat until they carry her out feet first.


Boneheads thinking: what is her problem? I can’t find 1 item that grimm really did anything wrong. He just had to plead guilty to 1 count so that the dems would leave him alone after winning the election. It’s what the American people want in a rep. The election said so. slurp!!!

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Oh Nancy!!

Getting caught = 1 demerit in RW WhiteBoys’Network.

No big deal.

You’re so lucky- we had Rush Holt for 16 years, but he’s retiring.

Nancy is very hard working woman, is very well connected to the right people here and so can help a local candidate gain traction because of her abilities to raise funds because of those connections. She’s going to get behind Gavin Newsom who is now Lt. Gov when he makes a run for Gov. in 2018 when Brown is termed out. You heard it here first.


Fire him? He’s the poster boy for the GOP. He’s exactly what they are looking for. A tax evader.


Only Democrats resign. Republicans hunker up and tough it out. They even get re-elected when they’ve been “naughty”–Ask DesJarlais, Vitter, Sanford, etc…

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Wasn’t this Grimm crook elected by the voters of Staten Island, the same place where Eric Garner was killed and the cops involved got off with no charges? Must be something in the water there.

Ba Da Bing!

…until the Speaker discusses the matter with Mr. Grimm,"

The only discussion should entail whether Grimm resigns-- or whether he’s forced to resign.
That shouldn’t take too long.
He certainly should never be allowed to be sworn in for the next Congress.


Oh, and when will this “discussion” happen? The eleventy seventh of november, just after hell freezes over.

See, Democrats, that’s how you do it. Open your Pie Hole and make words come out. Not that hard really.

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