Discussion: Paul Ryan: Trump Was 'Wrong' Not To Fully Condemn White Nationalists

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Oh, Paulie boy, you are in so much trouble with the boss…


“Wrong!”, he continued, " In fact it’s the worst Brand Management I’ve ever seen. It just proves that that Trump University Certificate in Marketing he’s always bragging about isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s almost as bad as a doctorate from Liberty University. Did you see where those soreheads mailed in their Diplomas whining about our efforts to Make America great? If they think they’re going to get their ninety-nine ninety-five back, they can tell it to Scalia, get it? He’s dead, Jim! heh, heh…"


Paulie you’re so late to the party, thought we wouldn’t see you sneak in and claim that you’ve been critical of the Prez’s comments.


“Hitler was bad for killing people in gas ovens. Bad Hitler! Bad!” (as Paulie smacks Adolf’s nose with a rolled-up copy of The Wall Street Journal).

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So, after spending a week seeing how everything shook out - reading not one, but two, iterations of polling, hearing from the entire GOP contingent in Washington, probably spending days discussing the matter with aides, he decides to come out against Trump’s comments.

Such leadership!


Remember all those screened Town Halls CNN held for Pelosi when she was speaker? Yeah, me too.


Wow, Ryan really showing some leadership there aren’t you.

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Oh Pauly , now you*ve said that , Daddys going to have a tantrum .

He lectured a nun on how to minister to the poor!


Yep our Speaker likes to think of himself as a “believer,” the question is of which philosophy is he an adherent? Doesn’t arguing with a nun put a demerit on your permanent record?


Trump…8 or 9 years of attacking Obama and his birth certificate. Racism.

Trump’s daddy Fred - an arrest record with the KKK in NYC. Racism

Trump’s campaign rallies and his own words> Racism

Trump’s immigration policies attacking just Muslim nations that have never sent any terrorists to the US. Racism

No travel ban with our #1 ememy and terrorist - Russia. They are pro white supremacist and Trump likes that. Racism

Defending the Confederate monuments that were constructed to send a message that the white’s are in charge - no question about that from when THESE monuments were installed. Read the headlines from those dates. RACISM!

Trump’s lack of condemnation when a white attacks a Mosque or a Church or a group of innocent people. His lack of speaking out it is another clear indication. RACISM

Trump’s sons, both of them, associate with white nationalists and white supremacist RACISM

Trump surrounds himself racists (Bannon, Gorka, Sessions, and others) with and supports white nationalism. RACISM

When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, it is a duck. Trump is a racist!


Ryan is a wiener.

Say it, Paul. The president is a Nazi. He must be impeached.

Say it. Then do it.

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Discussion: Paul Ryan: Trump Was ‘Wrong’ Not To Fully Condemn White Nationalists?

Discussion: Maximus : Paul Ryan Was ‘Wrong’ Not To Fully Condemn Trump.


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It was wrong, but you won’t even censure.



Pop goes the weasel. It was just as wrong for Ryan not to fully condemn the president the moment he uttered the “all sides” statement the past Saturday and then reiterate that condemnation immediately the following Tuesday with his bravura full-throttled white supremacy endorsements.



Comments about equivocation from the man who condemned Trump until he won…isn’t it ironic?

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Doesn’t look like the little man is missing any gym time…

Hey Paul, you’re still a quisling.

Thanks for playing.