Discussion: Paul Ryan: I'll Consider Presidential Run After 2014 Elections

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Oh, please.


You might. The rest of the country won’t.


Please proceed Congressman.

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So he wants to try again to sell the voters his supply side Ryan Budget again? I wonder what theyll disguise it as this time?


LOL… wait… no… LOL


There is a lot of buyers remorse out there, Romney might have a chance.

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Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans believe that minimum wage jobs and poverty will give people dignity and character. Their aim is to give as much character and dignity to as many people as possible!


Unnamed sources say his running mate will be Ima Dunning-Kruger.

Oh, please! Even Paul Ryan knows that even if by some miracle he managed to come out on top of the Republican Primary dung heap, there’s no way he wants to offer himself, and his cushy day job up to be the sacrificial lamb against the Hillary Clinton juggernaut! He knows he’s too lazy, lacking in skills, and would be trapped trying to raise money from an unenthusiastic Republican base.

It is a nice way to keep his name in the news for a bit longer, however transparently phony a dodge.

"I will look for a new taxpayer-funded job while I continue lecturing about “makers vs takers.”

-Paul Ryan.


Uh-oh, I think I saw a bit of bra strap behind dancing Paul’s bubble…


OK I’m done.

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kindda frilly too…oh wait its its bohener wearing it…Im gonna be brain sick

Hang on to that fantasy if you wish - and, please, feel free to rerun the 2012 campaign. (Oh, wait . . . was that supposed to be snark?)

He’s positioning himself early for Netanyahu’s endorsement.