Discussion: Papadopoulos Forgives Trump For 'Low Level' 'Liar' Monikers: I Would've Done The Same

Kneel before Zod weakling.


Papadopopoulos has the spine of an amoeba. And he needs to learn to shave.


George is a real creep.

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He is well past that point. He is leveraging for the Keeper of the Privy. Unfortunately, he has a long line of ascension to work through. Lindsay alone has it locked up for at least two years.


Fucking tool fool. The word “lackey” is far too kind.


The Modern Dixiecrat Republican Party. There is no depth low enough.


Was this before or after Dinsdale Piranha nailed your head to the floor?

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You are so going down, Papadork. You are so screwed.

Go ahead. Invalidate your plea deal so they can prosecute you. Go ahead. Accept a pardon from Trump so that you can’t plead the 5th if you are indicted again.

Please proceed, gov’nah!


Says the weaselly little asshole who just applied formally for a Presidential Pardon…

Georgie P. better make a lot of money off his book because Trump pardons cost a lot of do re mi.

“I wanted to be an international player, spy, and smooth man of mystery. Please, oh please, most gloriously ridiculous commander in chief, give me the love that I give you. That I may continue to fool myself upon this point.”

Where’s this guy’s knee pads? Keep sucking Papadoofus…No. Suck harder. You’ll get there, eventually.

oh come on,
he just wants to be loved by the almighty and try to earn a little money for his next meal.