Discussion: Pakistan's PM Says He's 'Optimistic' After Speaking With Pompeo

Optimistic that Pakistan will take the next international test match against India in cricket?

Optimistic that Trump will throw India under the bus over Kashmir in return for a state visit that will involve fawning over his Orangeness?


“A sportsman always is an optimist. He steps on the field and he thinks he’s going to win.”

Unfortunately, the sportsman is, on average, wrong half of the time.

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Pompeo’s a flaming idiot if he thinks he’ll get anything from Pakistan but treachery. It’s scab country that’s fucked America over and over again. Lets not forget they holed up bin Laden up for 10 years. The USA is afraid to deal with countries like Pac. “they are allies in the war on terror”…bull shit. At some point we’ll get a clue and shut down our embassy there…boot their people out of here and deal with them for what they are. They’ve hurt us way more than Iran or NK.

Mr. Khan is optimistic, because Pompeo assured him that tRump will be removed from office before November 2020.

I don’t see why he should be. Trump is still in office.