Discussion: Over 60 Female NBC Employees Sign Letter Supporting Brokaw

This is one where I fear going overboard on the outrage out of proportion to the facts.

One woman accused him of trying to kiss her, and the other accused him of clasping both her hands in his and raising them to his chest. The kissing, I don’t know. The big question for me would be if he stopped when she said no or indicated distaste. The hand clasping, I don’t even see that as sexual. It’s the kind of thing a man or woman of that generation does to show support, or approval, or comfort.

It wouldn’t pass muster in a modern anti-harassment seminar, but I’m not going to condemn him for it.


I’ll hope that this ends well for Tom while not damaging the #metoo movement.


I heard second hand (but no more distant than that) years ago that he had sex with a young campaign worker when he was in Des Moines covering the caucuses. My friend said it was consensual but not the kind of thing her friend usually did. Said it really messed her up.

Yeah, but one woman didn’t like the way he looked at her that one time 25 years ago so nothing else matters. Burn him!! Burn him at the stake!!!


The #MeToo movement is damaging itself continually. As evidenced by the dunce who threw a fact-free rant with zero knowledge.

But hey, Brokaw probably used his super powers to force these weak willed women to sign the letter…


So… someone had consensual sex that they later regretted? Really?? I’m shocked!!


When do any of the women sign up to defend Joy Reid? She’s closer to them and who they are than this 78-year old privileged white guy.


So it goes.

I was not surprised to find out Franken had been a jerk, but Keillor shocked me. Brokaw would be of another order entirely, like Cosby.

I am still waiting to see how this develops. Money, fame, and power have always been powerful inducements to misbehavior,

Let’s all just hope truth and justice will out.

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I suppose a useful number would be not how many signed this letter but how many declined to sign it.

Not hitting on Rachel Maddow isn’t a clear indicator in this circumstance.


I’d very surprised if anyone reading the full list of 62 signatories recognizes more than half a dozen or so.


The reporting left out that Linda Vester also worked at Fox News.
The other person was anonymous.
This could just be a Fox hit job to seek revenge for Oriley and Ailes.
Peace to all.


That’s right out of the old GOP playbook… divide and concure. Slice the progressives into white, black, female, male, straight, gay…we need to stop with the circular firing squad…judge each case on its own facts and it own merits. BTW, I’ve got Joy’s back and also believe Tom Brokow (along with Al Franken) are victims of a ‘drive by shooting’…


Every time I see Brokaw’s vain, smirking mug I miss Peter Jennings more.


Cronkite, or bust!


Just reminds me of …

“I noticed your contract is up for review, would you mind signing this?”


The letter signing is basically, “Look at all these women he didn’t harass!” And that’s not a defense that works at all - just because he didn’t harass some women doesn’t mean he didn’t harass others.

Personally, the letter Brokaw wrote defending himself at least makes me doubt him a bit. One sentence, for example:

“She has unleashed a torrent of unsubstantiated criticism and attacks on me more than twenty years after I opened the door for her and a new job at Fox News.”

Just saying that the incident never happened would suffice. But he doesn’t do just that - he goes on to add that he didn’t just not do anything to her, he was nice to her! She should be grateful for what he’s done for her! That kind of aggressive defense comes across as protesting too much.

Followed up by him noting that he introduced her to Roger Ailes (the only time in recent memory I’ve seen that presented as a positive thing), then saying: “When he got in trouble on sexual matters, not a peep from this woman.” Which is not only unrelated to anything he did, but…“this woman”? That could work if he barely knew her, but Brokaw clearly knew her well enough that he remembered 20 years later that he introduced her to Roger Ailes. Given that, the “this woman” bit comes across as an effort at dehumanizing her to make her less sympathetic.

Bah. I don’t like it when these accusations come out about people I’ve liked either, but we really need to get past the knee-jerk impulse to defend people just because we never personally witnessed them misbehaving.


I’m sure Maddow is totally pro-rape.

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So you’re on of the three people who saw this, really an unsuccessful rip off of Broadcast News with some gender shifting and still worth watching

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