Discussion: Ousted Michigan Tea Partiers Who Covered Up Affair Lose Seats

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Back to Amway and Herbalife careers for you, assholes.


The Koch Boys want pretend gay sex guy to tout their laundry detergent…


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I SMEll THE WOrk OF LIBtard SUBMARINEs1!!!one!1!!!


Well, now these two family-values Christians will have plenty of time to repair the two marriages they damaged.


4% of the vote! Well, there are mugs who’ve stayed in presidential races with less support than that.

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Did anyone rescue the box turtle?!

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That these idiots got even 9.3% (Gamrat) or 4% (Courser) shows how strong the Tribalism is in the Republican Party.
People see an ® next to a name they vaguely remember for some reason and check that box.
So goes Michigan, especially outstate where the Rednecks Rule.

Or they can have consensual sex in the back of the gay bar in Lansing.

Leland Yee, former CA State Senator, was indicted several years ago for crimes involving bribery, fraud, etc. His name remained on the ballot for reelection, and he drew a lot of votes only because people recognized the name…

Definition of chutzpah

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Woody Hayes was correct about that state.

So maybe there is a just God who rewards good and punishes evil? I think I’d need more than a one-off involving a couple of back-benchers (or back-seaters) to establish this though. When Dick Cheney is in the dock in The Hague, I’ll consider the proposition again.

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