Discussion: OSU: More Than 100 Former Students Report Sexual Misconduct By Ex-Doctor

So apparently one person and only one person in all of this was completely unaware of what every other person knew - this guy was sexually abusing students.

Hos is it that only Jordan was in the dark?


WTG, Jim Jordan! It’s your time in the barrel!


Cry me a River, Jordan…

You’re going down…


Oh, I thought liberals were out to get Jordan.

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He knew and didn’t want to make waves, he knew that nobody would do anything, he knew but didn’t think it was any worse than what he experienced, or he knew and was and was getting paid to look the other way.

I think you could mix and match the above excuses. But what we do know is that when confronted with this information he denied, then he blamed “others”, and he couldn’t make a sympathetic statement that supported the athletes only attack the athletes. That’s the kind of leader he is.


Totally political. Right, Coach Jordan?

Because, liberals who are out to get you are just thrilled at the opportunity to be identified as sexual abuse victims. It’s a thing, you know. An elite status symbol. Like getting your first Mercedes or BMW … or Volvo. Or a frozen latte.


I suspect that Jordan will be able to have sufficient “plausible deniability” to weather this storm. I personally believe him to be a liar & that he was aware of the doctor’s misconduct & that of others. And he will probably be re-elected if he runs again but, maybe, never be Speaker. Just another right wing bomb thrower in the House.

"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful." – Edward R. Murrow

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If a clearly biased and vindictive person even hinted these accusations about a democratic politician, he would be physically thrown out of office by his co-workers.

Rep Jordan will never even be asked leave office. Likely he’ll end up House Speaker. Like “Diaper Dave” he’ll get a standing ovation when he enters the room.

How was a person who spent hours and hours in a locker room with the doctor and the athletes and had them confide their mistreatment to him supposed to have known?


Apparently, Jordan is incredibly stupid. I think this is his actual defensive strategy.

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Right , jimmie jordan, you never knew a thing…This is another Sandusky Nassar…coverup with wee jimmie…right in the middle.

Kick him out…

Casey, I’d like to make a Long Distance Dedication to Gym Jordan!

Anyone wishing to contact Jim Jordan (R-Oh-My-Oh) for an official take-down, I’m afraid this is all you’ll get.

And if anyone is curious, AT&T is also part of the “Deep State”.

You’ve got be amazed how the Deep State coordinated more than 100 students so their stories wouldn’t contradict with each other and just waited for this day decades later… in order to frame Jordan.

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Has Jordan denied having a “personal” relationship with the doctor? Maybe all the BJs and ball juggling lead to faulty memory?

Is there any truth to the rumor…?

Jordan said that was just locker room talk and that no one came forward with a formal complaint.

If I were a coach, I would be more alarmed by the locker room talk. This is a group of athletes talking about their similar experiences with the same person. One of the wrestlers asked Jordan to come to an appointment hoping that would keep the doctor from fondling him. these were young men, and that locker room talk was probably as close to a formal complaint as anyone would get from them.

Jordan isn’t as bad as Denny Hastert or Strauss, but he certainly enabled that freak’s assault of young men. Whether Jordan could have done something or not is up for debate, what isn’t is that he knew about these assaults and did nothing to help these young men. the really sad thing is they came forward to tell their sories and they still see Jordan as a good guy.