Discussion: Ossoff Decries Super PAC Ad That Ties Him To Kathy Griffin's Gory Trump Photo

And the GA-6 Morans will eat this up. Sigh. Too much stupid this early in the morning.


Karen, if it’s “free speech” for Ted Nugent, it’s free speech for Kathy Griffin.


Ossoff should stick to his message and remind people of the horrible decision Trump made yesterday and how Karen Hamel loves it too!

It may also be helpful to remind GA-6 that Karen Hamel was the leading force to end Susan Komen funding to Planned Parenthood! Now how stupid is that? She once worked for an institution that helps prescreen women for breast cancer, while they raise funds for cancer research and such. Imagine what kind of whacked out representative she would be!

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After the way PBO was treated by the right, it’s extremely tiresome to hear the right whine about “civil discourse”. It’s also ridiculous to see the flip-flop from “liberals are tree-hugging wimps” to this purported fear of the dangerous “angry liberal”. Conservatives: liars and flip-floppers, always.

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Sometimes I hate being well-informed…

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If they don’t like what Kathy did tell them to watch this a relive the past and what’s probably still going with a lot of these folks

Ossoff was once in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.
Ossoff has not denounced Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein for cannibalism and lamp shades made from humans.

Therefore Ossoff supports cannibalism and human dismemberment.

Also, Ossoff traveled thru Chicago to get to Milwaukee, and didn’t denounce John Wayne Gacy either.

Can our “political discourse” get any lower than this?


Want to know why millions of people have walked out of churches and they will never go back? This is why!

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Oh I just figured it was because they quit believing in god. Well I guess this is a good reason too.

If it weren’t for dirty tricks, the GOP would not win a thing, except a pissing contest.

And he just lost. Why? Because he’s not fighting fire with fire. Images of Handel in a white sheet and hood should be trotted out alongside her Hitler costumes, but nooooooo, the Dems have to be prim and proper and play “clean.” Fucking pussies.

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Dems took the “high road” in the last election.
How did that turn out?

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Pictures of Handel in a white sheet would actually fire up the Republican base and end up getting her elected.

Griffin has always been obnoxious and has never been funny. I mean, that was the whole point of the character she played on Seinfeld–apparently (and astonishingly) she seems not to have been in on the joke. And now I guess she’s crying over the Trumps ruining her career? Not possible. But it is possible that she will hurt Ossoff’s career and retard the overthrow of Trump and the damage he’s doing.

Although this is an awlful and hateful image, I’m so glad you posted it to remind us of how nasty the GOP were towards President Obama throughout his term.

I posted a comment and compared those hateful images and effigies the racist tea-tea party protesters displayed during their rallies. And I had compared those images to the effigy that Kathy had made of Trump.

One of those roaches had the nerve to reply that I was a liar. Imagine Malia and Sasha being subjected to that crap!

Then I read that Paul Ryan et al are using the bloody head of Trump in campaign ads!