Discussion: O'Reilly Responds To Trump: 'Don't Be A Pinhead. Don't Tweet'

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“Neither is Stupid,” Badger on Head shot back.

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Apologize Bill, The Donald was on the crapper building a massive organization during the phoner…


He’s actually building a huuuge very classy organization. On a golf course in Scotland.


Very VERY classy. Just ask Badger On Head. He’ll tell you himself.

BillO’s not so much an opinion leader as a reflektor. For BillO to dismiss someone this thoroughly, it means The Folks in the Villages have reached consensus.


Circular firing squad. Fun to watch from outside the circle.


Kinda hard to know who to root for in this foodfight.


Billo got his orders from on HIGH: “Thin the field, rid us of those grifters. We are trying to LOOK SERIOUS this time~jeez.”

I hope Palin and Trump team up and go nuclear on the GOP.


In billos psychotic universe, everone’s a Pinhead or a Loon but billo. I guess The Donald should
feel profoundly moved, like a truly massive Turd. We should start calling him a descriptive name
like Turd Blossom. How about “TURD FLOATER”? Yeah, that’ll work!

I always root for that hard-working, unpaid, never-asked-to-be-there rug on Donald’s fat head.


Donnie just hates it when people he’s not paying don’t take him seriously…



There is an awful lot to be gained for someone who is already fairly well known to tease the media about running for office. And running itself, even when you have no prayer of winning, let’s you raise campaign money to use to campaign in all of your favorite vacation spots with all your friends whom you gave campaign jobs to and you get to stay in the swankiest hotels and vacation homes and eat high off the hog, all for doing a couple of speeches and giving a couple of interviews. Plus, if you are really on the ball, you can write a book, get speaking fees, be a paid commentator on TV, get a job with a think tank, and then, next election, you can do it all over again. For someone with a GRIFTER frame of mind–there absolutely IS NO downside. And for the DONALD–any publicity is good publicity.

How many of these likely OR declared candidates are actually delusional enough to think they can win a majority of votes in a national campaign? So where does that leave them? With their hands out, and their bags packed…


Palin/Trump! (or Trump/Palin!) 2016. Go get 'em kids!


Eh, he’s also a petty, vindictive, thin-skinned, egotistical shit who dishes it out for a living but can’t take it who thrives on pissing matches. On the other hand, I doubt that Murdoch or Aisles can stand Trump, so you may be right.

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Could we perhaps get more world wide news stories instead of every little dip shit thing that happens on Fox News?

O’Reilly’s right. Trump isn’t going to run. It’s true that Trump is a man of small intellect and huge ego but his intellect is not so small he cant see he has no chance nor is his ego so big it could take that kind of pummeling. Of course he is not going to run. He’s just talking about himself…which all he ever talks about.


I hate to admit it but these two arguing make me think about a porn film I saw once where two guys had a “sword” fight with their dicks.

First Hannity hits Palin with the telepromter line. Now Bill O. cuts down the Donald. I take it the donor wing of the GOP is getting tired of the distractions from the Tea Party crowd and want the base to get the message that Palin and Trump are not serious and don’t deserve any attention.


I am hoping that Donald Trump or Sarah Palin runs for President. I’d happily root for them to win the Republican nomination in the general election. It would be great for the Republican party, the party elite and for conservativism at large. They’d both make excellent nominees to have in the election. They should run as independent conservative even if they don’t run in the primaries.