Discussion: O'Reilly Lectures Trump: You Should Be 'Kinder And More Mature' (VIDEO)

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OReilly exposes Dump tax disaster.

Billo: Will you cut the tax write off for luxury jets and Yankees season tickets?
Dump: No.
Billo: WHat other loopholes would you close?
Dump: Crickets…

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Pot, please meet Kettle…


This read like an 8 year old responding to a 14 year old.

“Bbbbut he hit me first! That’s why I hit him back!”


BillO is utterly incapable of self-assessment.


Wake me when either one of these jackasses says something relevant…


Enjoy that very long rest.


Is it fair for me to say you saw this exchange as, shall we say, childish?


On some college campuses, women who don’t feel safe carry rape whistles.

Perhaps Trump should carry an “unfair” whistle?

Naw, scratch that. To equate what Trump is going through with rape isn’t right. Besides, he’s usually the one doing the assaulting.

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" that it was a fair interview." Really ?

“Every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible. Frank Moore Colby”

You beat me to it.

This is a conversation between the two people on earth least likely to say anything worth hearing. So my question is, can you not care about something in a very intense way? Is this an emotion that hasn’t been discovered and named yet?

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Intense apathy?


Tweedle Dumb vs Tweedle Dumber

Donald’s response: “You’re not being very nice to me. You loser FOXhole. Maybe I should have brought a loofah? You take that back…”

Well…all in all, he hasn’t changed much since babyhood: Still a lot of sound and fury that signifies nothing! ~snicker!~

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Then Billo changed Donald’s diaper, gave him his bottle, burped him and then placed him in his gold crib for a nice nap…

Look at that facial expression. Yeah, that’s just the kind of grace under the slightest degree of criticism I want in a president.

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“It’s not going to be a question of nice. I think I’m a nice person,"
he continued. “It’s going to be a question of competence because people
are tired of being pushed around by every country in the world.”



snark time… I’ve been waiting for the appropriate time to use this. I guess now is as good a time as any:

It’s true. It is. I looked it up in an online dictionary of Brit slang.

Yaaawwnn. Did I sleep through Trump’s boycott?

“I think it’s terrible what’s going on”

Yes, Donald, please tell us.

“I can tell you that in New York City they used to go in and check and do a lot of different things and now they’re not doing any checking”

They? Used to? Check things? Do things? Not doing anything?

Who? What? What? What and why not?

Please, Donald, tell us. For God’s sake, please tell us anything that isn’t pabulum aimed at your toothless old audience!

I’m astounded by how immature Donald Trump really is. He would be a walking disaster as President.