Discussion: O'Reilly Calls Out Trump For McCain Remarks: 'Come On, Donald!' (VIDEO)

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Imagine the bandwidth it takes to host those two egos simultaneously.


“Imagine” is the key word here because no way am I clicking on that. I’ll hate-watch stuff now and then like anyone else but that’s too much ill-natured stupidity to deal with this early in the morning.


No doubt just about every war veteran is thinking… I could have been captured. He could be just as easily been talking about me. Way to go, Donald keep firing up that base LOL!

Looks like SCREWpert Murdoch and his stooges have their knives out for Trump. Now watch Trump shoot even higher in the polls!

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Nope–look at the comments on BreitFART, Red State, Freak Republic, etc. Them Teabaggers got SERIOUS love on Trump!


I think both of these guys are great faces of modern conservatism. Both will not compromise, will not back down from stupid and are willing to speak “their minds” regardless of how stupid or divorced from reality that may be.


Not for long, I suspect. The latest is he is alienating conservative Christians also.

With all of this, the GOP has demonstrated itself unable to lead. They can’t even get themselves out of the primary season and they’ve collectively shot themselves in the feet numerous times.

The problem is, and this is the cautionary tale for all of us, there is a growing segment of citizens that agree with the things Donald is saying. He’s got the microphone just now and may for the foreseeable future.

I’d like to say he’s lost BillO and, like Cronkite in the 70s, if you lose BillO, you lose the nation (at least, of that segment). But these followers don’t care. They would follow Trump into the breach and beyond.

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BillO, like other conservatives is useless in this matter. People need to point where were these sanctimonious pigs when they were doing the swift boating of Kerry. These are crocodile tears which should have been dealt with force by Trump.


Thank You. I’ve been saying the same thing all along. The T’bagger base of the GOP loves The Chump because they’re sick and tired of the Republican Establishment NOT STOPPING OBAMA! So every time he takes a shot at the McCains’ and Bushes, he gains more and more converts.

As we have witnessed time and again: there are different rules for GOP candidates vs. Democratic candidates. The GOP have managed the messaging game. The Democrats have not. This is the Left’s and Center’s shortfall.

No veteran should ever be disparaged for his/her service, especially one who was captured and held hostage and worse, and certainly not from anyone who received multiple documented deferments to prevent being put in that position.

But this is the GOP. This is the party that wants to lead the nation. I’m not quite sure why such a large segment of the population ignores the double standard so wantonly.


Those two monumental egos sharing the same room, each with skin thinner than a bible’s leaf. Hard to believe that Trump didn’t ask O’Lielly: “So…You were probably there in the combat zone covering Hanoi when McCain was there, huh? Did you try to save him and carry him out of harm’s way? Maybe you could have given him a “falafel” bath at least? We know your record in combat. Were you there? ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!”

And HERE they are not long ago, BFFs, sharing an evening at the ballpark. Of course, O’Reilly was too sullen to do ‘the wave.’



Blowhard talks to blowhard… air is sucked out of the room and all collapse…



Heheh, he “lifted a finger”.
Even Trump couldn’t be bothered to stand up.
White guys w/o rhythm.


rotfl…I just noticed that!

Personally know some sane ®s–
who are freaking out right now–
muttering about pulling the (D)-lever for POTUS.


Personally know some sane ®s–

If they are still R, I will begin to question their sanity.


That’d be nice if this gives a few people an epiphany. But if Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise to stardom on the right hadn’t caused a massive move to jump ship, I don’t know how optimistic I am about Trump’s antics.

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If there’s one thing the plutocrats behind the scenes hate, it’s a demagoguing plutocrat actually showing up on stage.

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