Discussion: Oregon Sheriff To Wildlife Center Occupiers: Get Out Of Our Town ... Please

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From TPM

… …anti-extremists have taken over a federal wildlife center to protest government land polices -

It’s news to me that Barney fans had taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Was it the repeated playing of his savage theme song that drove the dastardly YallQaedistas away?

And then this!

Mean Sheriff


“where anti-extremists have taken over a federal wildlife center to protest government land polices”

I think this is supposed to be “anti-government extremists”.


Well, looks like backup from the Sun City, AZ militia has showed up to aid the white trash WindedWarriorsProject of Oregon.
“Hey dummy! It’s cold in Harney Co. this time of year. Better get the heavy Thinsulate cammo out!”

On the other hand, this rag tag, white trash, gaggle of idiots has given a clearer picture of what the Rightie WooWoo Wingnuttery thinks a “well regulated militia” is, huh?


Well now what?

These Posse Comitatus loons area always screaming that the county Sheriff is the only legitimate and highest form of governmental authority they will recognize.

Now that he has told these lunatics to get the fuck out… what level of cognitive dissonance will this cause them?


There has not been nearly enough play of the fact these guys are exploiting a situation for their own gain. Out-of-state, uninvited, disowned by the Hammonds themselves, these right-wing armed and dangerous extremists are trying to take advantage of someone else’s legal problems to grab attention for themselves.

It’s time for Donald Trump to chopper in and show these 3rd rate grifters how a REAL media whore operates.


I thought for sure they’d be at least smart enough to bring food and supplies but they aren’t.


I’d be embarrassed for them but that implies at least a morsel of sympathy.


Not much. A couple of these guys got their feelings hurt when they confronted the Sheriff’s parents. I guess Mom got a little buck with them and they filed a complain with the Sheriff.


OT, but you might consider “liking” Ms Sneed’s articles as she’s one of the better writers here.


Here’s The Donald’s chance @ statesmanship. He should helicopter in, listen intently to the wacko’s concerns, issue a joint statement on why HRC and Obama caused the troubles, and then heliocopter all of them and their families to a Trump resort, where they can gamble and have a good old time. The Donald will be praised. The wackos will leave happy. Other than shooting all the wackos, what could be a better outcome?


in from out of state.

Migratory loons at a wildlife center? Move along…


No doubt Sheriff Ward wants his town, his privacy and his evenings home back - and also that chunk of his budget that these clowns are blowing through.


Now that Sheriff Ward can see there’s no buy-in for these goobers at this Oregon Wildlife Station in his neck of the woods…he seems to be feeling his oats and is a bit more emboldened. Good for him.

Like the man says…Carpetbagger Wingnut Insurrectionists need to GO HOME…at least that’s what he would say if he could I presume.


You know what? the locals should show up with pitchforks and flaming torches and storm the place. Ride the jackasses out of town on a rail.

Not law enforcement, but local citizens. Just show up and demand that they get the fuck out. Oh, and alert the media before hand. Law enforcement (local) should just stand back and watch.

Then let’s see how much this is a “citizen’s” revolt.


How about sending all the wackos to prison? That would be my preferred outcome.


That works for me.

Let the townspeople evict them, then let the feds load them in a paddy wagon and charge them on the way out. If I were a local I’d be really PISSED.

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Them falling into a well and never being heard from again.


Looking at them, I’m wondering, “What time’s the Tea Dance?”

It’s interesting the Sheriff asks them to “go home to their families” . I wonder , BLM, Occupy or the DFH’s of the Vietnam era would get the same offer after breaking into a Federal building and threatening violence to hold on to it. If they let these assholes “go back to their families” you can bet we’ll see this over and over until the clown are jailed. Like you and I would be. It’s hard to imagine these show boaters doing this if there had been a real response to the Bundy Ranch crap.


“You said you were here to help the citizens of Harney County, that help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation,” [Sheriff] Ward said. “It is time for you to leave our community. Go home to your families and end this peacefully.”

Hey wait a sec! Why aren’t these guys invited to surrender peacefully and face charges for all of the laws they have violated? What’s this “go home to your families” crap all about anyway? If some crazy was involved in an “armed occupation” of a bank, I don’t think he’d be allowed, let alone invited, to just go home.