Discussion: Oregon Guv Says He's Not Resigning Despite Speculation

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Last time I check, the people of Oregon have always been allowed to advise the Governor. What we have here is sour grapes. He ran for office on the very things she supports. Everyone knows where he stands on the issues and he has been governor for a record number of years.

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Kitzhaber has been forced to answer embarrassing and personal questions about his relationship.

That’s the nut of it. His professional relationship with his girlfriend certainly should be given scrutiny, but the editorial in The Oregonian and the media “uproar” is all about the Republicans trying to publicly humiliate a Democrat they see as “morally inferior”.


2014: Kitzhaber (D) 49.8, Richardson ® 44.7 (desperation on a stick)
2010: Kitzhaber (D) 49.3, Dudley ® 47.8 (privately funded and moved to Arizona immediately)
2006 Kulongoski (D) 50.7, Saxton ® 42.8 ( a Tea Party nominee)
2002: Kulongoski (D) 49.0, Mannix ® 46.1 (ran on “cap and trade”)

Same people still trying to take out the Liberal Loonies that live in my State. No real news here. Purchasing land to grow Cannabis might seem like the height of reckless law breaking a decade ago. However, in July, Oregon, like Colorado and Washington before her will have both medical and recreational available. And growing it is licensed and taxed. How quickly culture changes in the 2000’s!

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He has been an excellent Governor, but has offended the republicans by having attractive girlfriends. The Oregonian newspaper has been leading the charge, but few read that paper anymore.

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“10, 9, 8…”