Discussion: Oregon Governor Seeks Lawsuit Over Health Exchange

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Oregon paid Oracle $134 million in federal funds

That’s the big pill to swallow, and everybody is on the hook until the State of Oregon legally shakes Oracle upside down for a refund.

Oregon abandoned plans for fixing the site and is switching to the federal portal used by most states, www.HealthCare.gov.

How ironic. I felt, as most liberal Oregonians, that Oregon would be a national leader in state exchanges. As it turned out it would be Kentucky (who saw that coming?) with the model for the nation, and now Oregon is dependent upon the once-disaster healthcare.gov. (now improved) instead of their own website. head shakes.

And who would have thought (before the fact) that Oracle would be incapable of delivering? Data bases are Oracle’s thing…

Here’s hoping Oracle decides to settle out of court.

Larry Ellison’s (CEO & President of the Board of Directors) total 2013 compensation: $78,440,657
Safra Catz’ (CFO & Co-President) total 2013 compensation: $43,590,605
Mark Hurd’s (Co-President) total 2013 compensation: $43,592,574
Thomas Kurian’s (Head of Product Development) total 2013 compensation: $31,635,712

Seems like those people could well afford to hand in some of their outrageously high stock-option grants to compensate the people of Oregon who they have failed so miserably. The regular employees of Oracle (who I’m sure are fine, hard-working people) and Oracle’s other costumers wouldn’t have to pay a dime.

Covered California’s website has always worked well… It better! Considering Silicon Valley, the worlds tech hub is here…