Discussion: Ore. Shooter's Dad: If My Son Didn't Have Access To The Guns, It Wouldn't Have Happened

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Yes Mr.Mercer that is correct.


I´m surprised that we don´t have some NRA flunkies here saying that blunt objects are used in more murders than guns, therefore, we should feel lucky the shooter didn´t come to school with a 2 x 4, or the death toll would have been much higher.

Of course, it´s early.


My heart goes out to Ian Mercer. It really does. Knowing nothing else about their relationship or what kind of father he was, I couldn’t help but think that he could be any one of us, particularly those with adult children who live away. This is so sad. I understand the worst heartbreak in the world is to lose a child, especially losing a child who you love desperately, and one who took the lives of so many others. I do hope those in his community will be kind to him.


…but the shooter DID have access to guns…13 of them.

and obviously a way to give money to the sellers.


Well said Plucky,


The sheriff won’t. Of course, when the sheriff is taking time out of what must be the busiest day in his career , following the aftermath of the shooting, to monitor the news, get a lesson in how to adjust his FB privacy settings and remove an offensive post in reaction to the news, I guess its pretty clear that sheriff isn’t working in anybody’s best interest but his own, anyway.


It is logically correct. You cant shoot someone if you don’t have something to shoot with. But as an argument for what ails America today its going nowhere. You are never going to take guns away in America.

“guns don’t shoot people people do” is how it goes. True enough and that’s what we ant to background check those people and not the guns. That’s why we want to make sure folks selling guns are properly regulated as in “well regulated” the phrase in the 2nd Amendment. It seems this kid was able to pass a background check. And that is a problem.

Under all of this is the glorification of guns. We make way to much of a deal out of them.


You could ask that troll, if he shows up, how many mass murders…5 or more victims were achieved with a 2 X 4?

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Alas, the NRA provides them with special amulets and potions which keep them immune to logic.


The requirement for background checks for all gun purchases did not take effect until August 9, 2015. It is not likely that he purchased those guns after that date.

I’ve seen the stupid attempt at an argument that says “guns are banned in City X…how come there are so many shootings?”

Because, dummy, when a person living in NYC or Chicago can drive to a nearby state and purchase guns with no problem, then they come back to the city and are sold illegally. Any ban on guns needs to be nationwide – every state. None of this garbage anymore. I would say repeal the Second Amendment, but it’s not needed. All we need are Supreme Court Justices who recognize what the militia clause of the amendment means.


Most of the comments here are about 13 guns being “too many.” I think that misses the point completely: 13 guns with 1 bullet each is exactly as lethal as one gun with 13 bullets. The law that might have prevented this and many other shootings is: no gun ownership or possession for the mentally ill! It’s simple, concise and arguments against it are hard. A discussion on how many guns this coward should have been allowed to own is pointless!

A background check would not have made a difference here. There is no reason for civilians to own automatic weapons. They are not hunting weapons; they (and the large ammo magazines easily available on the Internet) have only one purpose: to kill and maim as many PEOPLE as possible before having to reload.

Who, other than the terrorist organization, (the NRA) can dispute this? And to the canard, “the horse is out of the barn” and so all of us have to have those weapons from the bad guys who already do, I call Bull Shit. Firearms should be registered as are cars. Owners should be required to hold insurance policies on them, and if they sell a gun, they should have to transfer the registration as we all do on cars. Complicated? Yes.

But not as complicated as , oh…invading a foreign country after building up a an international web of lies. And “we” did that.

Hopefully if we did the things I suggest there would be a better outcome.


There is no evidence that this guys mental problems were documented.

Also, just for the sake of argument, if you have one bullet in each gun and you have to put the first gun down and reach for the next one, as opposed to shooting 13 bullets rapid-fire, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that in the first case, the shooter could be disabled between guns, and in the second case 13 people could be dead before the shooter was vulnerable.


Absolutely. If blunt objects are more effective killing tools, why didn’t the shooter choose the blunt end of his gun to beat and kill rather than the straight end to aim and shoot?


How many of these mass murders might have been dissuaded by the prospect of having to go through universal background check we will never know.


The Republican Party’s Checklist-
Getting on the Flat Earther side of Climate Science and Energy- Check
Getting on the Flat Earther side of even entertaining a serious discussion on gun policy-Check
Getting on the Flat Earther side of the Choice and Contraception issues- Check
On Foreign Policy and Security- Selling its base that we can go back to the Eisenhower Administration


“How on Earth could he compile 13 guns? How can that happen?” Ian Mercer
said on CNN. “They talk about gun laws, they talk about gun control.
Every time something like this happens, they talk about it, and nothing
is done.”

Sir, you can lay the blame directly on the NRA and their spokesman, Wayne LaPierre. They shovel money at politicians and that is what politicians react to…money. Not what’s right, not their constituents… money.


In the president’s remarks the other day he told us that two of our friends and allies Great Britain (1987 Hungerford, 16 people including the shooter’s own mother and again in 1996 Scotland, 16 small children and a teacher in under three minutes) and Australia (1996 Port Arthur, 35 killed 23 wounded) had enacted gun control legislation after mass killings in those countries. Another country that succeeded in doing this was Canada.

The difference, however, between the US and those countries is two things: no powerful gun lobby and no Second Amendment, and it is why we despair with each new incident and only hear calls for more guns even by those who’ve lost a family member or friend through gun violence…