Discussion: Only Modest Premium Hikes, Some Price Cuts Under ACA Next Year

The judge overseeing the court case in Texas is a Bush appointee. He has ruled against the ACA before. This article explains that case fairly well. https://www.texastribune.org/2018/09/05/obamacare-texas-block-california-fort-worth-affordable-care-act/

The Democratic candidate for Governor in Wisconsin is, in part, running on a platform of Medicare for All.

His predecessor refused the Medicare assistance for the State. A clear difference between the two,

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The HC battle for me is the most distressing of all the battles being fought against the Republican’s fanaticism and desire, to strip all protections from the American people. At the end of the article there’s this: “Texans and other Americans should be free again to make their own healthcare choices, including which doctor they want to see,” Paxton said. Symbolism is so very powerful when in the hands of Republicans.

For me, ‘Freedom’ is knowing that our need for health care coverage, from first breath till breath, will be covered by government health insurance, whether one can afford to pay or not. Starting there makes life so much more livable for all.

And there’s this in the AP article: “The analysis found a 3.6 percent average increase in proposed or approved premiums across 47 states and Washington, D.C., for next year.” Sounds ‘okay’ but the very next sentence reads "This year the average increase nationally was about 30 percent."

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The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports numbers insurance companies presented Tuesday to the State Corporation Commission say rates in the individual market are estimated to rise by an average of roughly 13 percent. The increase is not as much as the 69 percent experienced this year but is enough to raise the average premium by almost $100 to around $830.

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This is somewhat reassuring news. A major concern of mine has been the potential for Stephen Miller’s contemplated policy, that of deeming immigrant users of Obamacare as a social burden, to discourage enrollment by legal immigrants and thus erode the pool even more.

Only Modest Premium Hikes, Some Price Cuts Under ACA Next Year

Fake, I say that is fake, we all knows that Obumercare is a failure…deep state, deep state…

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