Discussion: Only Days After Mosul Fell, Iraqis Start To Return

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Thank you W. Nice job.


I would go back a bit further to Great Britain after the 1st world war when they arbitrarily drew the borders for Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.


That was Obama’s fault, too, you know…


“…we will be greeted as liberators…”

-Dick Cheney, who left out the “by a third of them” part.

“…The army was only good at oppressing Sunnis…”

-Abu Thaer, explaining what Cheney left out.


“The water is back. The electricity is back. The prices are lower.”

And the trains are running on time!

Clean-shaven, smoking men said insurgents had not bothered them.

Not yet.


The new meme on the right is, that had Obama tried harder to negotiate the SOFA with Al-Malaki, we wouldn’t be in this mess today. GWB signed that agreement 3 weeks before leaving office. It’s convenient how easily the right finds a way to let Georgie-porgie off the hook, refuses to mention even his name, and pretend in fact he wasn’t the one responsible for the disintegration of Iraq in toto by his pre-emptive war. I distinctly recall that a civil war was predicted to ensue even before we left that country. To pretend otherwise is a complete dereliction of journalism.

There is also another meme on the right that is building momentum only through media allowing for rightwing repetition…and that is that our country is now more at risk from a direct attack by those insurgents now fighting in Iraq, much like they claimed happened on 9/11. So once again, the rightwing has its 9/11 association to Iraq, never having conceded that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 in the first damn place.

All of the brief observations I had this morning clicking from one Sunday show to the next seemed intent on leaving Bush’s War out of the entire equation, by the same NeoCon and NeoLiberal hawks that populated those Sunday shows all during the last administration. Not one of them had on anyone that was there to argue anything like restraint, how revisionist the right has become, or how useless it would be to involve ourselves by inserting any military action into Iraq again. I found that startling. Even the interviewers and reporters were the same imbed journalists and Bush water-carriers that hawked the War in Iraq the first time around. Its just disgusting.

I would love to see TPM do a word cloud on the various Sunday morning blabfests today. Channel surfing this a.m. I heard the Orwellian propagandized word “Homeland” used so often I thought I was living in the former USSR, or worse…living back in the day when GWB was still in office. Is it so fucking hard to refer to this country simply as the United States of America without reverting to this ridiculous authoritarian nomenclature? This “Homeland” crap is designed to evoke some kind of militaristic type nationalism as I see it.

Normally, I don’t tune into the Sunday morning shows for a reason…they depress me, they anger me, they’re obsessed with their own importance, and they completely ruin the day…but I knew the issue of Iraq would be front and center. Certainly the topic du jour wasn’t going to be about gun violence that occurs every week in this country…But for the quick time I tuned in, they are even worse then what I’ve seen since the last time I tried to tune in…and that was well over 6 months ago. Take these stupid shows off the air. They’re nothing but propaganda bullshit.

Sorry for the rant. There, I’m done…time to go garden.




“Not yet.” Ouch !!

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I’m seeing the new meme of Obama released the leader of ISIL in 2009 when he was in custody at Camp Bucca.

Sooo… who is going to get the air strikes and why, again?

Seat grand juries to probe matters of war crimes.

We’ve seen this show before: Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia; no matter the place or the kind of chaos or authoritarian horror it supplants, theocrats wear out their welcome really, really quickly, but once they’re in, they’re really hard to get out.

It was the source of many a moment of fear when the Bush Administration was burrowing Dominionists into every nook and cranny of the government they could find while our clueless MSM watched approvingly, utterly oblivious to what was happening.


Darn. I put all my money on “They’re just exercising their Second Amendment rights to shut down the government in accordance to a higher law.”

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You are exactly right, and isn’t it interesting also how the Neocons-who-like-other-people-to-risk-their-lives blame one of the few politicians who needs no convincing that Republicans should never have started a mess that will have ramifications for at least a generation.

All due to the Neocon’s blunderful mishandling of Mideast policy since 911. The conservative movement appears to be nothing but a group of people constantly engaged in nothing but rewriting history.