Discussion: Once Defiant, All 4 White Supremacists Charged In C'ville Violence Plead Guilty

Dear Dumb Fucks,
Where is your Donald Dumb Fuck?
Where is your pardons?
Your are the good folks are you not?
You have been sold out.


They’ll go all remorseful and get short sentences because of their otherwise blameless lives, then turn right around and scream about being railroaded again.


“a self-improvement club for white men.”

This does not seem to have worked.


“The federal government has taken an absolute political hard line against the right wing,”

yeah, that librul jerk of a president and his henchmen are really making it hard to form outside the mainstream hate groups - now that they’ve made hate mainstream - no fair.


Nothing like a nice conviction up-side the head to wake up a Nazi.


Oppressing others does not make you better, quite the opposite.


So, TPM, what’s likely to happen to these guys? What dues does one pay for inciting violence and riot?

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“Guilty pleas last week by two prominent members of the Rise Above Movement came after pledges to fight…”

Sounds like what is starting to happen in the Trump admin. They act tough but when push comes to shove they “want to negotiate”. A lot of wingers are starting to get scared. They should.

Take heed Mr. Treasury Sec.

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It’s basically just like every bully ever. They try to project “strength” because in reality, that is something they lack. These guys join these groups because they are all extremely insecure and they hope that by acting tough, they can overcome those feelings of inadequacy.

Trump is no different. Whenever he’s actually called to the carpet, he’s a, I believe the technical term is, wuss.


Friday news, but I assume they pled guilty for reduced sentences in light of the overwhelming evidence.

Prosecutors had them on violent riots in CA also. Slam dunk.

Self-Improvement club for white men
Is that sorta like the hair dye “Just For White Men”?

At the end of the day, plea deals for something like 10 years are better than life.

“The rioting charges brought against us have not been used in 70 years,” Rundo said in a jailhouse interview posted on YouTube in February. “This has little to do with rioting and all to do with censorship and silencing anyone that they deem too radical by today’s standards.”

Um, has Charlottesville had any other riots in the past 70 years, besides the day you showed up?


In their defense none of the above have been romantically involved with Katie McHugh.

All they really wanted was a seat at the table and a little lebensraum for self-improvement :weary:

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add that tRUmp can’t even do face-2-face with his targets. All bluster on Twitter or at his “rallies” but silent as a tomb whenever he is near a target. Typical bully.

So how’s that “I’ll pay your legal bills.” thing working out for you all? On the up side, Trumpski can take comfort in knowing his invitation to eat cold Mickey Dee hamberders at the Whites House will not be declined by this outfit.

Gosh, golly, jeekers. Remember how fierce they sounded? Then they got charged and guess what happened?