Discussion: Omarosa On Trump Camp Pay Discrimination Suit: 'A Lot Of Women' Will Come Forward

Equal pay for equal work? Isn’t everyone who works for Trump trying to do their best to grift off the government and enrich themselves. I would think women can do that just as well as men, unless Omarosa is implying that Trump let the men do that and didn’t allow the women to do it.
eTA: rereading the article, i see this discrimination suit is for the campaign period, which means they couldn’t yet grift off of the taxpayers, so I see the suit has some possible merit, but the big picture is still that Team Trump’s expertise is not governing.


Another grifter here. Thanks for the insight, Omarosa. But I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.


Much as I want to root for anyone who’s got a legit beef against the Mango Mussolini, I’m finding it as hard to root for Omarosa as much as I do rooting for Typhoid Mary Mallon as a spokesperson for vaccination.


What did she ever do that was worth $7K a month…


Grifted while affiliated with Donnie. Grifted when she’s on the outs with Donnie. Bottom line: She’s a grifter, having learned from the master.


Question for the board, why should anyone care what this person has to say about much of anything at this point?


If Omarosa thinks the difference between $7k and $12k is 20% perhaps she wasn’t worth the $7k.


By continuing to give a platform to these fake “resistance”, MSM is creating an illusion that GOP is still curable and that there’re fine people on both sides. Grifters like Omarosa are getting the favorable coverage they don’t deserve.


Glad I’m not the only one who sees Omarosa as a grifter. Don’t even try to convince me you didn’t know what you were getting into when you tried to climb by getting closer to Trump.

The lawsuit may have merit, but please don’t act like a victim. You are an enabler.


Omarosa will find out that, when Chiselin’ Trump settles lawsuits brought against him, he settles for higher amounts when the lawsuits were brought by men than when they were brought by women.

“Hey, I aided and abetted a mysogynist and cheater - I never thought he’d cheat me out of my salary!”

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Grifters gotta grift