Discussion: Omar’s Most Frequent Attacker Zeldin Sets His Sights On Her Again After Miller Insult

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Guess truth hurts…


Some defense, he is jewish?


I’m waiting for the comment from Zeldin about Trump saying to American Jews about Bibi- “your prime minister”…


Listen Zeldin, because someone is Jewish doesn’t mean they are sacrosanct from criticism.


Puny little sh*t can only pick on a woman? Or is it because she a Muslim? Or is it because she has been beaten up by her own party and he is only chiming in because he thinks she’s weak?


Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MI)

That should be D-MN


Omar’s Most Frequent Attacker Zeldin Sets His Sights On Her Again After Miller Insult


Zeldin is quite the piece of work. He uses his Judaism as both a shield and cudgel for his Islamophobia. He acts self-righteous and indignant when he wants to paint a Muslim as antisemitic, but is totally accepting of actual antisemitism from Trump and his supporters. The man’s a disgrace.


Sorry, my dude. Mr. Miller look, walks, and quacks like a duck. You aren’t born a white supremacist – you achieve this title by your deeds and actions. Miller’s qualifications are beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Maybe you didn’t previously see so much discussion of white supremacists because your party hadn’t yet elected a white supremacist to its highest office, who in turn might be expected to staff his executive branch with white supremacist advisers.

(this is perhaps a little unfair: Trump is not a white supremacist, but a Trump supremacist. It so happens that increasing distance from what is Trump makes one even less supreme, so the effect is the same, but I don’t think Trump perceives race as something that describes him. Only something which describes someone’s difference from him)


It ain’t just zeldin. The royals are twitting.

Donald Trump Jr. was clearly angered by the tweet, responding: “I see that the head of the Farrakhan Fan Club … took a short break from spewing her usual anti-semitic bigotry today to accuse a Jewish man of being a ‘white nationalist’ because she apparently has no shame.”

Funny that Don the anti-semite Senior just remarked this weekend that American Jews all report to “their Prime Minister”.


Zeldin defending a white nationalist?

Not a good look, Lee.


Well, I have to say – this time I agree with Rep. Omar: Stephen Miller is a white supremacist. Maybe we should be a bit more pedantic – white supremacists do not consider Jews to be a part of the group – and call him a racist but you say potato I say potato.


So long as Trump did not use the word “allegiance,” it’s all good.


I didn’t take a side during the last Zeldin-Omar kerfuffle, but this one is a ridiculous overreach. You can’t call a white supremacist a white supremacist if he happens to be Jewish? C’mon, grow up.


Just to be clear – aside from some members of a Republican Jewish coalition, how many public Jewish individuals can you name who said/implied “it’s all good”?

I believe he is one of the two men who practice Judaism who are Congressmen.

Boy, is that convoluted!!

Yes he is Jewish.

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Where are all the folks outraged at Omar’s supposed comments about dual loyalties, even though she was referring to herself not taking a loyalty pledge not others, who are quiet about the smearing going on by Zeldin? Moreover, why are they so quiet when our president goes even beyond the dual loyalty notion to suggest that Jewish Americans are automatically subjects of the Israeli state with his “your prime minister” nonsense? So far, I’ve only heard Josh pipe up about this.

It is called “weaponized insincerity”. It is obvious now to many of us that almost all of Omar’s critics could care less about principles, but only for perceived tactical advantage. It should also be obvious, that many of her critics especially our President, is an avid anti-semite, as Josh so well articulated.

Thus, such criticisms of Omar by the Republican apparatchiks should be summarily ignored, as it is clearly issued in bad faith.


A little searching and it appears NY’s 1st District is like 85% white, heavily Irish and Italian (like 40%% or so) and one of, if not THE, most Catholic district in the nation (report I saw was 59% and had it as #1). What’s this fucker’s angle? That doesn’t strike me much as the Evangelical Rapture-addled type populace, so I’m going to have to assume this is just playing to Islamophobia.

Today’s facts: Calling a Jew a white nationalist based on his clear record of behavior and words isn’t anti-semitic. Also, Rep. Zeldin needs to eat a bag of dicks.