Discussion: Oklahoma Reserve Deputy Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of Black Man

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Sheriff Stanley Glanz said Bates, his longtime insurance agent and former campaign manager, had been properly trained and passed annual firearms certifications required by the state.

He also was Glanz’ campaign manager during the 2012 election.

This may come down to a simple misunderstanding about the privately-owned non-police issue gun to which Bates “accidentally” resorted. The usual order is, plant the weapon, OMG HE’S GOT A GUN, shoot the suspect at close range, to death hopefully so less medical bills and contradictory testimony (about the gun, AOT). But Bates is only part-time occasional ride-along, maybe hangs out with them in their fave diner and bar, yet still not enough to get the plant-and-shoot down pat. It’s tough enough on the regulars, as we saw from the recent in-the-back shooting and subsequent planting and then cuffing and “CPR” incident in SC. If regular, trained pros can get this so wrong, how can we expect burnt out old wannabe septegenarian ride-alongs to get it 100 percent perfect?

IT. WAS. AN. ACCIDENT. And I’d expect a jury of his Tulsa (2:1 white population) peers to agree, and maybe give the guy a medal, with like a mauve and puce heart thingee, signifying that, hey, he served, at least he TRIED, sure he did a boo-boo, but he meant well, he’s suffered enough, he’s been a good sport about this the whole time and it’s time we wrap this thing up.

Just read a report in USA Today: “A Tulsa judge ordered Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, 73, to return to court July 2 – but approved his request to first vacation in the Bahamas.” American Justice at its finest.

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Must be counting on the “old white guy defense”.

Do we have extradition with the Bahamas?

" I shot and killed him , but I’m pleading not guilty " .

And said, on tape, he was sorry. No way this guy walks, unless the fix is in.