Discussion: Oklahoma Court Could Face Impeachment

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“Pro-life” conservatives at work…and I’m not talking about the Judges!


You can’t kill human beings fast enough for blood-thirsty Oklahoma Republicans.


Earlier today we read about trumped up articles of impeachment against Missouri’s Govenor Nixon. Now we read about these equally trumped up articles of impeachment against Oklahoma Supreme Court judges doing their job. Did ALEC hire a recent law school graduate trying to make a name for himself?


Oh for fuck’s sake. Of course it’s a civil action. No indictment for a crime? Request for relief by a plaintiff who isn’t the state for relief that doesn’t involve imprisonment, execution or a fine? Civil action.

Christ, Republicans use words the way Humpty Dumpty did in Through the Looking Glass.


I have a theory that this deathlust from the right wing is actually a sexual fetish: They get off by killing people.

And why not? Killing another person has to be the biggest sex turn on for them.


I think Texans are bloodthirstier.

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Sounds like a case of state legislators “…inserting their personal biases and political opinions into the equation.”


It’s common knowledge that their favorite dinner is Soylent Green and a chaw for desert.

This entire "impeach thing is getting outta control. I guess inside the GOTP bubble it’s what you do if you lose elections or disagree with another public serpent’s views.


howling uncontrolled laughter

Always nice to watch Dumbfuckingokies live up to their name.

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That’s “pubic serpent.”

Sadly, I do believe you are correct.

Well, there is that I suppose…

Or Florida or Texas. Let’s face it. We live in a country where violence is applauded and intelligence is booed. We must look utterly uncivilized to other Western countries.


Not just Western…

They’re dying to have hangings in the public square.

World topsy-turvy it is.

I feel like somehow I have traveled back to late 1860’s. The Radical Republicans are running rabid on the political landscape. This so called party is and always has been the home of hate and outright crazy, they just stopped attempting to cover it up.