Discussion: Ohio Mortician Loses License After Found With 11 Decaying Bodies On His Property

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I wonder what’s behind my snowblower? Haven’t pulled it out yet this season, so ya’ never know…

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Taking his license away seems like a good move, as he’s not demonstrating that he understands the concept of how to be a mortician.

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Some people are not cut out to run a business.

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This is classic over-reach by Gubmint and people trying to keep respected members of the community from realizing their potential.

To bring about the prophesied Zombie Apocalypse.

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Funny! Gotta think twice about cleaning out the garage.

But he’ll always have some friends to watch football with.

Nachos? Anyone? Hello?

Horrible! Not only were the bodies treated disrespectfully, but think of the property values in that neighborhood.

Too bad the judge didn’t send him on a five-year tour of the country explaining to various groups why what he did was wrong, along the lines of what the NM Secretary of State was ordered to do.

Jeeze! And I thought I was a bad procrastinator.