Discussion: Ohio Democrats Aren't Banking On A Blue Wave

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The only way to campaign is full-stop, pedal to the metal until the polls close. Then see how you did. Anything less is foolishness. See, e.g., Clinton, Hillary, 2016.


Sigh. JHC, that never happened.


Greg Dulick, a retired Vietnam veteran who voted consistently Democratic until 2008,

Undoubtedly because he foresaw that Obama would fail to act on his “red line” statement of August 20, 2012.


Yep, 2008. Bad year for racists.


I like his approach.

@old_curmudgeon, @pluckyinky, what is past is past. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. Democrats everywhere have to push like hell until the last vote is counted. This fall our elections are going to be totally open to Russian influence and the Republicans will do everything possible to suppress the vote. Trump knows how to appeal to his base, and states like Ohio that have been hit hard by globalization need candidates who propose active and positive solutions. Don’t waste time on 2016, but hold ourselves and our candidates accountable. Demand engagement.


Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one that caught that. And PP got more done in one year with one strike than Obama did in eight? OK, sure.

Sure, but history has a way of repeating itself if when we let bullshit go unchallenged.


Recall both Bill and Hillary were campaigning in Pa the weekend before the election; not Ohio, Florida or North Carolina. Evidently their own internal polling revealed their firewalls were not doing well. Taking August off was a dumb move (and then she got sick).

PT Barnum hung a sign in his museum saying “This way to the egress.” Not knowing what the egress was, customers would go through the door and find themselves in the alley, and have to pay admission to get back in again.

These Ohioans are like Barnum’s sucker customers, only they keep going back through the egress hoping something will change.


Just handicapping here. I don’t have any special insight for Ohio political sensibilities. But the core Trump supporters will probably remain fooled in 2018 and probably 2020. They placed their bets and set their allegiances and Trump is a master at keeping people hooked who don’t want to admit they made a mistake. (In this case, I’m sorry to say, his appeals to nativism and latent racist views is very effective among people who are learned to be distrustful of “others”.)

What I don’t know about is whether the large suburban voter populations around Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati will reflect hose around Pittsburgh and other large cities in the Midwest. For suburban voters and particularly women, it’s not that Trump cats around with marginal women and the personal morality that displays, it’s his lack of moral authority to fill the office that enrages them and the GOP’s acceptance of it juts to get something they want. Bill Clinton was also a hound, but at least he recognized his failings and was apologetic for them. Trump relishes them but also lived his professional life as a scoundrel, thief and liar. And he’s occupied the office the same way.

So in Ohio it comes down to a battle of willful blindness vs. moral authority and it’s not clear which way it will go. To his credit, John Kasich has made it clear he favors moral authority and, hence, deserves an audience for his policy prescriptions. Coming from Trump, however, its just either a bride or a hustle – or both – and we will see if middle America can tell the difference or even care.


100% correct - less strategizing, more ‘pedal to the metal’ ‘force of will’ attitude - and showing up. Have to deal with the dumbasses no matter what.

There’s no Plan B at this point even if Trump is impeached and successfully prosecuted. Our groveling V.P. Pence could easily do as much damage to our way of live as Trump.

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Asked if the administration so far has lived up to her expectations, Bleacher replied: “If he had more cooperation I think he’d be ahead of my expectations.”

Whoa wait. What happened to the art of a deal, Belcher??? Great negotiator, excellent businessman…yada yada yada.

Greg Dulick, a retired Vietnam veteran who voted consistently Democratic until 2008, told TPM he was thrilled by Trump’s recent decision to bomb Syria without congressional authorization.

Hmmm,. Lifetime voter…2008…something happened then but gosh I just can’t put my finger on what. I’m sure it will come to me but right now it escapes me…2008…2008…damnit what was it that happened that year???


Ever since Donald Trump won big in the longtime Democratic stronghold of Youngstown in 2016, helping him capture the key swing state and propelling him to the White House, Ohio Democrats have been asking themselves how to both coax Trump voters back into the fold and fire up the disaffected segment of the party’s base that sat out the 2016 election.

Not sure there’s anything we can do with them, but what I’ve been trying lately is, when someone posts a “Har, har, liberal tears” comment on Politico, The Hill, etc, I respond with “Drink up, because you’re paying thousands of dollars for them!” and a short list of what it’s costing them to give trillions of dollars of tax cuts to billionaires who already pay little or no taxes.

ETA: eg, rising property taxes and other local taxes to pay for things that used to get more federal dollars; toll roads, now that they don’t think feds should build interstate highways; DT’s personal share of funding for military, terrorism prevention and investigation, etc, not to mention larger debt and deficits.


“…and states like Ohio that have been hit hard by globalization need candidates who propose active and positive solutions.”

HRC did do that; what she didn’t do was propose total BS. OH voters didn’t want to hear that by a slim margin.

Don’t waste time on 2016, but hold ourselves and our candidates accountable.

How about holding the f*cking VOTERS accountable? How about not attacking our candidates to the point where they don’t bother listening to the Dem base because they’re so f’ing petulant.

Another lifelong Youngstown Democrat turned Trump supporter, Nicolette Bleacher, told TPM she “can get past his personality” because “he’s been effective with the taxes.”

ETA: WTF does that even mean? If this stupid {expletive deleted} ends up with an additional $20 in her paycheck but sends an additional $400 to the Feds, would she consider that “effective”???


Trump did not win Youngstown, Mahoning County, or Tim Ryan’s district.


Yeah. I’m sure THAT’s the difference between Obama and Trump which is why he didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 but voted for Trump in 2016.


And you know another one that pisses me off? Pittsburgh! Pundits keep referencing Pittsburgh as some kind of PP stronghold when Clinton won 75% of the vote in that wonderful city and 57% of the vote in Allegheny county.


You’re right.

Trump won the state of Ohio in the 2016 presidential race.
But Clinton received 17,905 votes from Youngstown and 56,188 votes in Mahoning County, according to Vindy.com.

She edged out Trump, winning 49.9 percent of the vote in the county, compared to Trump’s 46.6 percent, according to The Washington Post.

It’s really a sad testament that trump’s lies become unchecked truth, even among the staff at TPM. /smh


Part of the problem is there’s a perception that OH is more purple than it actually is, it’s a red state and the most visible person on the national stage from OH, Kasich, is as conservative as they come even though the political media treats him like a liberal Republican.


Kasich is going to be the 2020 challenger to moron, if moron makes it that far. If not, Kasich v. Pence. And if Kasich wins nomination, he will be a formidable opponent.

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