Discussion: Ohio Congressman Challenges Nancy Pelosi For Minority Leader

I think it’s about time .
Nancy we like ya but …
You’re a little removed form what is happening in the reality based world .
It doesn’t matter if you’re a strong leader if there’s no one to lead.

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If Ryan had run for Senate instead of Strickland we may have had a chance to pick that seat up. However since he didn’t it’s good to see him challenge Pelosi. It’s time for her to go.


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Change of leadership is the right idea, unfortunately we are talking about the wrong end of the Capitol Building here.

I do support, though, bringing in a fresh #2 for Pelosi. We need an heir apparent, someone to be groomed for post redistricting speaker.

I love Pelosi, but planning for a future without her, given her age come 2020-2022 is prudent.



On the Maddow show last night, Ryan really made a strong argument for why working people should support Democrats. He ticked off all the things people take for granted like overtime, paid sick days, family leave, min. wage, Social Security, Medicare.

I’ve thought for years that Dems need to constantly remind people of these things.

I gots no real problems with Nancy. She did great work 2000-2008, but our party clearly needs a better connection with the middle of the country. Fair or not, the “San Francisco liberal” caricature hurts Democrats out here in the middle states. I watched Tim’s interview with Rachel last night and he reminds me a bit of Alan Grayson, in a good way. Fired up, with a clear vision, and an understanding of the midwest that Nancy probably does not have.

I hope he wins.