Discussion: Officials Warn Woman To Avoid Travel To Miami Neighborhood Over Zika Outbreak

You don’t suppose that maybe, just maybe now that their wallets are going to be hurt Florida and in turn Republicans in Congress will do something? Nay they’ll just blame Obama and then Clinton and move onto something else that will do nothing but waste time and tax dollars.

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Read an article recently about the babies born with the virus. Heads are small and they are inconsolable. Like, no matter what, they cry.
Doesn’t seem to be a panic yet, like with Ebola. I suppose Republicans are still trying to figure out how they can tie it in with Benghazi and emails on a server so they can blame Hillary and the “disastrous policies of Obama”. Bonus if they can somehow add Reid and Pelosi
And make no mistake, they will. because that’s what they always do and what they NEED to do to distract from their flailing Party head Trump. Nevermind the warnings from us about needing funding and the fact that the GOP hightailed it out of town to take a vacation instead of dealing with it. Nope, FOX will blame Hillary and Obama and that is all that is needed.

Watch and see.


Officials warn which woman?

Convene hearings and roundup and subpoena the usual scapegoats and whipping boys.


Yes, they’ll blame Obummer’s refusal to accept anything less than a blank check for eleventy bazillion dollars, which he’ll promptly spend on socialistic unionized pointy head public health “experts,” Democrat Party thugs, and 40-ounce cans of malt liquor.