Discussion: Officials Rule Fire At L.A. Planned Parenthood Clinic As Arson

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It’s a great day for Right Wing Christo-fascist Americans, huh?




I only wish it were possible to set arsonists on fire since they love fire so much

now here’s a protection job for them oath-keeper bros.

Ah the right to lifers risking the lives of things that are not fetuses.

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Exactly. And it’s about goddamned time we call these “Christians” what they are: terrorists – no better than ISIL.


Domestic terrorism.

Thousand Oaks is not far from where I now reside. It is 95% white. It is not even close to Los Angeles

Teatrolls built this.

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I wonder…can the interrogators who grilled the head of PP get charged as accessories after the fact since it seems they were inciting rather raw emotions about PP with their misleading charts and abusive questioning…


Yeah boy and golly Bob Howdy how these folks value life and all by committing arson and potentially injuring and even killing women who simply wanted PP’s services… and let us not forget the folks who work there.
Hey Jeb! Hows that “Bush made us safe” thing doing for ya?? Or does that only apply to Islamic terrorists?

Sure it was arson. Fortunately no one was burned to death and thank God a fetus wasn’t burned to death.

Thousand Oaks is about two miles west of the Los Angeles County line, and less than fifteen miles from the city’s northwestern limits.

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I live in Newbury Park which West of Thousand Oaks. Thousand Oaks is 40 miles northeast of West Los Angeles. I know. I make the trip several times a month.

Thousand Oaks is a city in southeastern Ventura County, California, United States. It is in the northwestern part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, approximately 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and … Wikipedia

I am disgusted. Not even TPM called this what it is: TERRORISM

Oh dear, I am sorry. I forgot that every news media outlet has to avoid putting the appropriate label on events, even if the term is applicable.

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Right, the greater Los Angeles area. It’s right there in the source you cite.

Yes and as I said it is not right outside of LA if you consider 35-40 miles close I just had an email from the local PP that was affected and it is the second arson in two months. I did not know that as I have just moved here recently.

Gee — I just can’t IMAGINE who would do such a thing —