Discussion: Officials: Georgia Man Called 911 To Report Break-in, Shot Officer Who Arrived

This will become an epidemic in some portions of the nation.

Now, police departments will use this an excuse to further deprive minority neighborhoods from 911 responses. You can hear it now from Hannity and Rush: “Police are being killed in these bad areas of town, so the thing to do is not show up when calls come in from certain zip codes”. This will be the new thing to demonize all minorities and even give more excuses to cops to kill people in their homes:

Cop: I showed up to a house that reported a burglar and I had to shoot the home owner 'cause he may have wanted to shoot me first. Oh, yeah, and I thought he had a gun. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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Why did he bother to call the police? He was going to kill anything that moved. That would have taken care of any burglar as well as half of the neighborhood.

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Maybe because–oh I don’t know–he wanted to shoot a cop?


I’m from the south and read the “in some portions of the nation,” as “where ammosexuals congregate.” Of course, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder.


Lighten up Francis.


There never was a burglar. He wanted to shoot a cop.



Acting as a grownup is easier than a lot of people think. Especially when the consequences of acting like an immature twit are factored in.

The MSM is going to have to start treating Donald Trump like someone over 21, instead of a precocious eighth grader. Let the policy issues dominate the narrative of the choice between these two candidates. Let the sensible voter be presented with an idea of the CONSEQUENCES of a bad choice.

This is not some FUCKING game!


What a difference…In that 1990s film, there was a role (Jim Greer) in which Clancy’s white CIA maven was played by James Earl Jones without a hitch.


And behold the Magic of Murdoch.

Murdoch’s FOX destroyed the perspectives of American unity of two entire age cohorts of Americans.


This is horrifying. Assuming the motive here is related to the killing of African Americans by law enforcement - Not only is this not the solution, it makes the problem infinitely worse.

No question at all that African Americans have legitimate grievances with the legal system in America. But acts like this take away any momentum generated with the general public and makes it much more difficult to enact changes.

A police officer does his job by responding to a 911 call…and gets assassinated for that? Unbelievable. And the next time someone calls 911 for assistance, what’s a cop supposed to think??


Fucking ridiculous! I detest the way so many police officers treat black folks. I’m enraged by the murders of innocent and/or unarmed people of color. It breaks my heart, but that is no excuse, none, to start randomly targeting or killing cops. That’s as stupid and evil as these cops who randomly target and/or kill black people. This is not a score we can even. This is not tit for tat or an eye for an eye. This is evil.


We minorities took our eyes off the ball in the Second Reconstruction and its aftermath (when Reagan got elected). We certainly should have protested MSM consolidation and then FOX. Race relations are so much better than 50 years ago, but MSM and FOX are doing an incredibly effective job of obscuring that fact.

Another thing: academics of all stripes get a SOLID F for their handling of explaining and placing into proper perspective these years, from the 1960s to this moment. Just like journalists, its always the most jolting or scary or provocative issuance of information.

Finally, people my age, as a GROUP, (I am a Boomer) get a ZERO for their passing along historical perceptions and perspectives to younger people.


We are in a deep shit as a species, Pluck. This has long since passed ridiculous. What the ef is wrong with humanity?


Brilliant! The murder of Philando Castile is as close to a perfect case as there’s (hopefully) ever going to be. Very good man who worked with children and was beloved by his community, a man who had every right in the world to carry a gun, and one who was executed precisely because he was doing what the police asked of him. It’s one of those cases where almost no one could credibly argue that he had it coming, or whatever nonsense the right would typically trot out. But not it’s been completely overshadowed, bigfooted by the actions of this man. No one is talking about Philando Castile. He’s done grave harm to the movement, to Mr. Castile’s memory, and to the lives of countless others. What a wicked, wicked, little man.


Trump’s statement earlier today was actually quite reasonable and even toned. (So I am sure someone else wrote it).


Shootings are an issue that Trump doesn’t want to get into, going off from the cuff. Because he has a long history of being for gun control. And if he gets involved in a discussion for too long, he will do what he does without talking points…just start spouting off whatever comes to mind.

On this issue…it will eventually lead to statements saying we need to have stronger gun control. And his base will explode.


And then some.


So which one was the good guy with a gun?

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Completely agree, Plucky.

Maybe there’s a Martin Luther King type role for our esteemed President on this issue, once he leaves office.

I just think he can do as much, if not more, once he’s a private citizen…and all the right wing bile is directed at Hillary instead.