Discussion: Official: Police Chokehold That Caused NYC Man's Death Ruled Homicide

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Second degree at most, negligent manslaughter more likely. That cop can kiss his pension and future plans for retirement “goodbye”. I’m not excusing this, police need to be trained to take down even 300 pound men without threatening their lives. I bet he pleads to negligent manslaughter and gets probation, loses his job, of course.


It’s about time. If he loses his job that’s good, but he needs to do some time. Scum bag. He has a history of this kind of behavior.


Was it justifiable…?

I mean,… he was big and black… even tho he wasn’t wearing a hoodie amd packin’ Skittles and iced tea…

He could have been a threat…

GeeZ! what don’t you get???


Al Sharpton pointed out to the Mayor that his own son, who is black, is a good candidate for a “chokehold.” This is all part of the larger “profiling” problem and needs to be dealt with aggressively. This is the new Mayor’s first really big challenge. Some of us are old enough to remember the summer of Crown Heights. This needs to be dealt with before it turns into that kind of nightmare.

Might be worse. The ruling of homicide just means the death is the result of another persons actions. If those actions are justified there is no crime.

In this case the “choke hold” used is prohibited. That’s a big problem for the cop. There is also the fact the guy did not seem to be doing anything illegal when they cops came after him. So it could be “investigated” and found to be “within police policy” or it could go to prosecution. If it goes to court the cop is screwed. But Ill bet they wiggle him out of that.

But if the cop walks he has to live with the fact that he took a mans life over nothing. He will be unusable on the street and his career will be negatively affected. He does have to live with what he did…and his family will live with it too.

He’s a white cop. He’ll go free to choke yet another black man another day.

A black cop with a choked -out dead white man would be a different story entirely.


If he really has a history, why was he still on the police force? Seriously, people like this deserve desk duty for their “history”, as long as it didn’t kill anyone, and so that they CANNOT kill anyone while on the job. No, if he has a “history” of stuff like this, throw the book at him, I agree, make him do hard time with some 300 pound black guy as his cellmate.


Shouldn’t the police officer face the same sentance as a civilian would if he or she had murdered a police officer? Shouldn’t police officers be held to the same standard?


I believe it is different, if only for the fact that police officers are ALLOWED to physically restrain citizens in the process of an arrest.

If you or I walked up to the guy and did what the cop did, that’s assault. Unless it is deemed self-defense.


That was the most clear cut case of homicide I have ever seen in my life. The cop strangled a man to death, live on camera while he pleaded for his life. I don’t know why that cop is not in jail waiting to be tried on murder charges.


There was absolutely no reason for the police to “take Eric Gardner down.” What did he do? That particular policeman instigated the action, and it was absolutely heart-wrenching to hear Mr. Gardner ask why the police keep harassing him and then know that within the next several minutes he would be dead. Touch him, does he not bleed?


This is why LEOS fight so hard to criminalize video recording of their behavior. They always win if it’s he-said she-said and can always rely on the fear for their life defense for justification.

In Chicago, cop Anthony Abbate beat the bejeezus out of a petite barmaid, was videotaped doing it, and JUST lost his job. That’s it. He walked. If you are a cop fluffer, you can watch the youtube and get a boner.

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I agree that he shouldn’t still be on the force but Police are rarely if ever found guilty and if they go to trial, they get off free.

This cop won’t be affected at all by the fact he killed this man. He will probably think he did a good thing. This cop is bad news

There is a blue code of silence within the police brotherhood. They cover each other’s backs even in clear evidentiary cases of homicide. Cops kill their girlfriends and wives and nothings happens because of the code.

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Indeed they do. It happens all too often. That picture of the family speaks volumes, and there are too many other photos of black families with despair showing on their faces knowing that for them, this is an all too familiar happening in the black community. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be black in this country, no matter one’s status.

Every time I read a story about police brutality, especially instances of brutality that result in death, I lose all sympathy for police officers. I don’t buy the few bad apples excuse for one second. The police departments in the U.S. are chock-full of sadistic goons with badges and guns, with a few good apples being grossly outnumbered by the malicious brutes they work with. I will not shed a tear for the next officer slain.

All of this because Mr Garner was*** NOT*** selling Coke,Heroin ,Methamphetamine,Marijuana but UNTAXED CIGARETTES.