Discussion: Official Called Trump Ethics Concerns ‘Nonsense’ Before Approving DC Hotel

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Why do I have a feeling that this is one civil service official MANGOTUS will not denounce as being part of the “deep state?”


Seems legit.


When he said he’d drain the swamp he only meant of folks that weren’t paying him, what the hell did you think he meant, honest and accountable government, ha ha ha.


“In a May court filing, Trump’s lawyers said revoking ownership of the hotel ‘could result in enormous personal financial loss for the president.’”

Not wanting to take a financial loss isn’t a valid defense. It’s an indication of his motive.

He really has the worst lawyers on earth.


For “President Donald Trump to serve as both landlord and tenant of his real estate company’s Washington, D.C. hotel, which is housed in a government-owned building” would seem to be the very definition of conflict-of-interest. Seems to me that the General Services Administration’s contracting officer Kevin Terry should start looking for another job as it is clear he needs to be dismissed for incompetence, if nothing else.

As for our so-called “President,” this should be one more item on the list of impeachable offenses.


Trump is going to make him an assistant to Michael Cohen in the Department of Fuck You, I’ll Break Your Thumbs.


…they made Jimmy Carter give up his peanut farm.


From the article…


… The government official who signed off on his winning bid is also the director of an Iowa financial firm — but that official and his agency refused to say if he had specifically disclosed his role in that company, as required by ethics rules.


Now, BuzzFeed News has learned that in addition to his work for the US government, Terry is listed as the director of an Iowa company called Concorde Financial Services.

There is no indication that Concorde does business with the GSA or with Trump. But federal ethics rules requires that contracting officials such as Terry disclose “All positions outside the U.S. Government.” Reached by phone last week, Terry said about Concorde, “I’m telling you there is nothing there.” Asked if he had disclosed his outside business role to the GSA, Terry did not answer. Instead he said, “You’ve crossed the line,” and abruptly hung up.

So, yeah. Of course there is there there…


Wonder how much baksheesh he got for this??

Or, perhaps it was his wife, not him, who profited…


I hope CREW succeeds. I hope they rope this joker into the suit as well. If Drumpf was going to take such a hit, then he SHOULD NOT HAVE RUN. He wants his cake and eat it too. Six months into this presidency feels like years


You can say that again. Sigh.


Seems like the GSA Inspector General needs to interview Mr. Terry, and Mr. Terry’s superior on the nature of Mr. Terry’s relationship with the Trump Org and his current interests in Concorde Property Management. Communications like the one quoted between Terry and Trump Org do not seem appropriate–Mr. Terry’s efforts must be focused on compliance with the FAR and the federal government’s interests, not on making commentary on press reports to the Trump Org.


You are right. This is just so sleazy. I am a state government worker and have to make yearly financial disclosures. I also cannot accept something from anyone – not even a cup of coffee.

I should not be held to a higher standard than those in the federal government.


Reports of improprieties or conflicts of interest on the part of Mr. Terry are a Chinese hoax.


Heck of a job, Brownie.


”A federal official dismissed concerns that it would pose a conflict of interest for President Donald Trump to serve as both landlord and tenant…”

Clearly, this places Mr. Terry in a conflict of disinterest.


My first take on that statement? If it could result in a personal financial loss, then it currently is probably resulting in personal financial gains. No? We know that his so-called “divestment” to his sons still allows him to draw profit freely from any and all of the T.O… including this hotel. In other words, NOT REMOTELY IN COMPLIANCE!

In addition if Trump is holding high-profile, splashy shindigs with the rich and infamous at this specific hotel, and to his own financial benefit in numerous ways, then how is he NOT in violation of the contract, the emoluments clause, and so many other ethical issues? When is this sheit going to stop? HOW do we stop it?

And Why The F*ck are we taxpayers paying for him to run around campaigning for the 2020 elections NOW? Between the time spent campaigning, and his 30+ days of golf outings (yes, 21% of all the days of his presidency so far have been spent on the golf course), what the hell is he doing to earn his paycheck, not to mention his free room and board? Plus free flights to wherever his whim and fancy takes him (e.g. he recently flew back to DC or NYC just to attend a concert, how svelte of him, costing taxpayers roughly $400,000)… wtf?!?

This “official” needs to show his documentary evidence that Trump is “in compliance”. Specifics, as to how he could call it that way. Will a FOIA request work on this? Something needs to give…

What really galls me (and I try not to think about it, because I get so disgusted by the thought), is that FROM NOW ON, We the People are going to be paying for permanent security, in the form of Secret Service details, for the ENTIRE F*CKING TRUMP FAMILY, for the rest of their natural lives. Our children will be paying to follow an aging Ivanka around to her rich and infamous getaways, whenever she pleases. Our grandchildren will be paying to follow Barron Trump around, and we’ll be picking up the tab for their security… Aaarghh!!!

Trump and his family is going to go down in infamy as the single most expensive President we’ve ever had, mark my words.


Only 1,297 days to go.


A veritable eternity… and for the sake of our national sanity, we must hope he doesn’t get re-elected.