Discussion: Obrador Tells Trump They Can 'Confront Together The Migration Phenomenon'

President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Sunday released a seven-page letter he sent to U.S. President Donald Trump detailing how he plans to improve Mexico’s economy and security when he takes office in December so that Mexicans do not feel the need to migrate.

Don’t worry, AMLO, donnie will take care of Mexicans wanting to migrate. I think those numbers are already way down. They’ve decided it isn’t worth losing their children.


I hope this works, but previous escapades into universal/national austerity have not always worked out so well. On the other hand, Obrador might succeed in making Mexico a much safer destination for American ex-pats, spurring their own immigration problem, forcing Mexico to demand that the US pay for a wall to stem the flow of illegal Americans flooding into their country.


The incoming Mexican president plans to cut government salaries, perks and jobs. Savings from those cuts, he says, will be directed toward social programs and infrastructure. He also plans to reduce taxes for the private sector in the hopes of spurring investment and job creation.

I’ve heard this song before. It never ends the way you orignally think it will.


Mexico’s storied history of leadership leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any of this.


I am just waiting for Donnie’s latest tweet which will take total credit for the sanity of a world leader that he has belittled and demeaned.

Headline writer got the name wrong - He is either Lopez Obrador or just Lopez, never just Obrador.

Even if Obrador could manage to make a dent in the crap pile he has in charge of now, Dumpty wouldn’t go along with any constructive idea. Much more fun to torture children and piss off the libtards.

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  1. Can TPM provide a link to the letter?
  2. It’s possible that Trump has no real desire to fix “the problem”. The drama may benefit him more.
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Trump: “Do not confuse me with ideas about possible solutions. It’s difficult enough to avoid implementing all the real solutions the US already has available.”


Hey AP! Here’s a word for your dictionary - “wall”. You seem to have misplaced it.

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I think the US part of this letter is mostly trolling.

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We US companies have sent a lot of manufacturing and call center type jobs down there, but it’s hard to send our crops down there since I doubt they have as much land that can grow them. And other maintenance and building type jobs aren’t really transferable either. Seem like those are the main jobs folks come here for.

The body of the article correctly refers to him as “Lopez Obrador”, using both his paternal and maternal last names; it is incorrect to refer to him simply as “Obrador”, his maternal last name. In Mexico, people are called either by just their paternal last name (“Lopez” here), or if that is too common (as Lopez is), then by both last names. So the headline should read either Lopez Obrador", or use his acronym/initialism, AMLO. Current president is either Pena, Pena Nieto, or EPN. Former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari was either Salinas, Salinas de Gortari, or CSG. Etc.

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This is a link to the letter in Spanish. https://t.co/xSSNaxgiFp

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I haven’t found a translation of the letter, which is probably why TPM is not linking to it.

Immigration from Mexico is actually at its lowest point in 40 years. There is actually a net outflow. It’s immigration from Central America that is up, and the reasons for that have a lot to do with US support of corrupt leaders in those countries.

This is all just political theater to pump up Trump’s racist base.

“It’s an enormous privilege to participate in a process of 
 transformation. There’s no price on this,” 
   the president-elect said.

donnie replies …

" Loser " —

He said he doesn’t want Morena to turn into an economic
 power with career politicians who forget that their mission
   is to serve the people.

donnie replies …


Corn is the top American agricultural export to Mexico. Corn subsidies to American corporate farmers have allowed them to undercut Mexican corn producers. American farm subsidies put many of the small farms in Mexico out of business. Also corn originated in Central Mexico and is an everyday staple in Mexico.

Yeah I’m sure we get the better of most of our trading partners and if not it because the Americans at the top of the companies are fucking over US workers and lining their pockets with the savings.

For what it worth, I saw a youtube to how much breeding has changed vegetables from their original forms and corn was one of the most changed. It started out looking like big wheat seeds.