Discussion: Obamas Cancel Photo-Op With Trumps Ahead Of White House Visit

I imagine Barack Obama will be classy in meeting with the odious Mr. Trump, offering useful advice, answering questions patiently, and so on.

I imagine all this will be one of the most difficult, unpleasant, and painful things Obama has ever done. And he will do it with grace and dignity.


I wouldn’t be seen with the filth. And, I wouldn’t attend the Inaugural. I hope Michelle put paper on any chair Melania might think of sitting on and offered suggestions as to which antique furniture could support nude modeling…


I am still shocked. I don’t think any country can survive someone like Trump.


Lets not forget…

“We have a bunch of babies running our country,” Trump told a rally at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, N.C., near Asheville. "They are losers and they are babies, period.

Id had done the same…and ill bet the media will say that its BOs fault…in 4…3…2…1…


I truly hope the President treats tRump with the disrespect tRump has treated him for the last 8 years. He deserves even less.


…and RW heads will explode at this perceived ‘slight’…I’m sure it’s trending as we speak…


The closest thing to a country that Trump could conceivably run would be Monaco, which is an income tax haven built around a casino. And he would fuck that up eventually.


Yeah and i love him for that, but at the same time i wish he just open and door and push Trump into a padded room and say and… uh… thats where you will be staying for the next 4 years.


This year’s minor divergence from precedent reflects the acrimonious nature of the 2016 campaign, and the personal, biting terms with which the Trumps and Obamas spoke of each other.

Bam! – “Look, you orange shitgibbon, behind closed closed doors, you’re my bitch! – Ya hear?”

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Any perceived slight will just bring Drumpf one step closer to that inevitable coronary. Thank you, Mr. President, for doing your part.

If only POTUS could get HOTOG on the White House basketball court for a friendly game of one-on-one. LOL


His first visit will be to Russian to check on his investments and say hello to his new business partner. Then he’ll be off to any one of the foreign countries where he has investments to check on their progress.

@tomj His short vulgar fingers are at work all over the world.


the problem here is I think Pence is even more frightening.


Same here. Especially for the well-being of women.


If Obama had mocked a handicapped person the way that f*cker did, the press would have talked about it every day, the House would investigate, his ability to lead would have been brought into question, etc. Or if PBO had done any one of the many things that the hateful, vile, crass, infanitle, ignorant, lying, tacky, thin-skinned, babbling boob had done, he would have been skewered in the press.

I cannot believe we are witnessing this. The death of America.


I’d rather that Melania be left alone (unless it’s worth pursuing her for working illegally in the U.S. and lying on her naturalization forms). Her modeling, with or without her clothes on, is a trivial matter with regards to the effect a Trump presidency will have on our country.


McConnell said his top priority in 2008 was making sure Obama was a 1 term president. I sure hope in the near future we can address Trump as “the former 1/2 term president now serving time in San Quentin for fraud”. He could even call into Fox, too.


It will be very interesting to see if Obama is more vocal post-election.

BTW @the_mask, can we leave off the stripper pole stuff? Sure, she did sleazy work before and after her marriage to the pimp. But has any been after the birth of her son? She hasn’t shown any desire to be part of the policy apparatus, let’s leave the poor woman alone. We have a class act to follow in Obama. Things are ugly enough.


I guess if you (figuratively) call a guy a “nigger” often enough, it finally gets under the guy’s skin. Have your photo op on someone else’s time.


She didn’t have much trouble with the birth-certificate apparatus.