Discussion: Obamacare Chief: 'No Plans' To Undo Damage If SCOTUS Scraps Subsidies

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Is Orrin planning on washing, anointing, and blessing the sick that will result, as taught by his MegaChurch? Nope? Didn’t think so. Another empty religion.


Shorter Hatch: We broke it, now YOU buy it.


Does not like the poor and does not care if they die!!!


Senate Finance Chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said the Obama administration’s
letter “confirms how the misguided law is unworkable for the American

Gack. The only thing unworkable for the American people is a Republican Congress.

By the way, did anyone notice that the letter had the name of the alleged Congresstard redacted. Must be private information.


Good catch. But possibly this is just the template form and the black lines are to white in the names of the Congressmen.

Hatch is “committed to working with my Republican colleagues on how Congress can respond to help those hurt by Obamacare’s broken promises, including those in a post King v. Burwell world.”

Liars like Hatch deserve to be thrown over the top ring rope.


“Senate Finance Chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said the Obama administration’s letter ‘confirms how the misguided law is unworkable for the American people.’”

This from the disingenuous cunt who can be quoted as literally acknowledging that the law works and was intended to work the way the administration claims, but who now wants to suck the GOP/Teatrolls base’s collective cock by lying about and pulling a complete reversal on his prior statements. It’s too blatant and mendacious not to be called outright lying and any MSM or other “news” source who refuses to use that exact word to describe it is just as big of a lying sack of shit.


Pubbies wouldn’t let anything get through Congress to fix Obamacare anyway and Obama knows it. Because of this, why should Obama have a “Plan B?” If Obamacare takes a hit, Obama must tell the American people to go to the Pubbies for an answer. After all, Pubbies created the situation that results if Obamacare takes a hit and Pubbies keep on claiming they have an answer to the problems.


In other words the ACA law is helping millions of Americans. How can there be a plan B?
Republicans will pay a huge price if the SPCOTUS strikes down the best think that could happen to the American people in a long time. Even republican voters will be effected in a big way. So much for this "pro life " bullshit.
Open your eye’s republican voters, you reps don’t give a rats ass about you.

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I understand why the Administration has taken this “no alternative” position and I agree that they shouldn’t give either the Republican Congress or the Republican politicians in black Supreme Court robes an easy way to take revenge on Obamacare. And I fully understand the Administration’s anticipatory Schadenfreude as most Southern and other Republican states wrestle with taking health insurance from their white working class constituents. But, I don’t think they are being candid about whether alternatives do exist. Here are two: (1) Since Members of Congress and their staffs get their Obamacare through the DC exchange, even though their residences are in their home states, then their constituents must be able to do so, too, under the law; and (2) The Obama Administration could easily send a letter to each governor of a non-exchange state and offer the Governor a typical negative option, stating that HHS will convert their state’s citizens to a state exchange for that state unless the governor directs the HHS Secretary not to do so. This will allow more than a few non-exchange states with Democratic governors to easily make the change and leave the hard core red states to shift for themselves.

I agree, the President must continue to emphasize that there is no Plan B, and challenge Republican congress members and state lawmakers to fix this mess.

This remibds me of 2011, when Obama rejected calls to mint a $1 trillion platinum coin or invoke the 14th Amendment to get around the stalemate created when Congress refused to pass a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. Many criticized him as weak for rejecting such bold – and most likely quixotic – measures, but he rightly insisted that it was Congress’ job to raise the debt ceiling.

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