Discussion: Obamacare Author Tom Harkin: Court Ruling Against Subsidies Is 'Nuts'

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When the GOPers refused to let Obama appoint the rest of the bench in the DC appellate court we knew we would see something like this. Thank goodness this one comes with a “delete” button.


How would Harkin know? He just wrote the bill. Obviously, these conservative activist judges know what was going on inside Harkin’s head better than Harkin does.


All the GOP wants to do is disrupt and destroy. If they can kill the Federal Government, then they’ll start on the states.

There’s no doubt in my mind that they have no interest in wielding the power of Government. They just want to create a power vacuum in which their big corporate masters are the only authority.


“If the ruling stands it would blow a huge hole in Obamacare and imperil the sustainability of other core provisions of the law. Millions of Americans would see their premiums rise, some of whom would no longer be able to afford insurance.”

There is a split of authority. For this to be a blow to Obamacare the Supreme Court would have to uphold it. Otherwise, it will be ignored by the IRS.